Restless Mind released new single

Restless Mind released new single Dawn Of Empires

Russian Metal project «Restless Mind» released their brand new single „Dawn Of Empires„. The new release was recorded in PlayMaker Sound studios by Roman Novichkov and now available for buying and streaming  on the band Bandcamp page.

Bere Blonda Bucur, Sticla 20 x 0.35l
Bere Blonda Bucur, Sticla 20 x 0.35l

The band was formed in 2017 as a studio project by Anton Gruzinsky who wanted to have a band that can combine many musical genres from Hard/Heavy metal till Alternative/Groove. This days the band stooped being a studio project and turned into a full lineup band.

If you want to support the Contemporary-Establishment project, leave us a coffee HERE or order Audio Books and Headphones from the Online Store HERE.

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