White Walls • W3 4R3 NUM83R5 • CONCRETE Series • 23.12.2021 • Expirat, Halele Carol

White Walls • W3 4R3 NUM83R5 • CONCRETE Series • 23.12.2021 • Expirat, Halele Carol

Joi, 23 decembrie,White Walls vin pentru prima dată în Expirat. Și nu vin singuri, ci la pachet cu W3 4R3 NUM83R5, în cadrul CONCRETE Series.

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Hailing from the Romanian shores of the Black Sea, the progressive metal outfit White Walls was founded in 2009. The band is associated with genres such as progressive metal, alternative and melodic metal. White Walls have mostly maintained their lineup through the years consisting of guitarist Alexandru-Eduard Dascălu (Dasu), vocalist Eugen Brudaru, bass player Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu and drummer Theo Scrioșteanu. The fifth unofficial band member is Mihnea Ioan Grecu, the band’s manager.

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White Walls often intertwine elements of darkness and light with relentless riffs, melancholic chords and a balanced mix between restlessness and restraint. Influenced by a variety of metal subgenres, the sound has been compared to diverse acts such as The Ocean, Opeth, Tool and Karnivool.

Citește și – Celelalte Cuvinte a lansat două melodii de pe următorul album de studio „Clepsidra fără nisip”

On the 22nd of May 2020, the band returned with a critically acclaimed new single and video for the song ‘Starfish Crown’ as well as the announcement of the newest record, ‘Grandeur’. The second single, ‘Eye For An I’ saw the light of day in early October with an animated video. A couple of weeks later, on October 23rd 2020, ‘Grandeur’ was finally released as well! Mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell (known for his work with bands such as Karnivool, Animals as Leaders, Make Them Suffer), with artwork by Radu Damian. ‘Grandeur’ propelled the band forward and generated ‘album of the year’ hype following ‘Escape Artist’ suit. Early December the band members found out that ‘Eye For An I’ won in the category Best Music (Animation) at Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2020. The last single and music video from the record, ‘Month’s End’ was released on the 3rd of September, 2021.

Representing the hometown Metalcore scene – Brașov, Romania – since 2014, the band tenaciously and organically won the audience with their full-of-energy performances and groovy melodic songs, placing itself amongst important local acts to consider for this genre.

W3 4R3 NUM83R5 performed dozens of club shows as headliners or co-headliners as well as opening acts for international bands such as Carnifex or At The Gates. The band also performed at many open-air festivals in Romania.

Currently, W3 4R3 NUM83R5 signed with SWANBOY Music and they are working on their next full-length album which is set to be released at the end of 2022.

For fans of Parkway Drive, Breakdown Of Sanity, or Fit For A King, W3 4R3 NUM83R5 may be a local recipe.


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