Death Rising - "Lovepoems & Hatetirades"

Death Rising – „Lovepoems & Hatetirades”

Austrian metal machine Death Rising release today their second studio album „Lovepoems & Hatetirades”. From death metal to hard rock balladry, there’s something for everyone on this 18-song album. Whether borderline disturbing lyrics or deeply heartfelt words, this album knows no boundaries and contains everything that has made this band in recent years.

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Death Rising is a metal band from Upper Austria, formed in 2010, which has developed into a well-oiled machine over the past few years, which you can undoubtedly hear on their second studio album „Lovepoems & Hatetirades”.

Death Rising are:

Vocals – Dave Kreischer
Lead Guitars/Sampling – Robin Grabenberger
Rhythm Guitars – Daniel Reitinger
Bass – Patrick Waldl
Drums – Steve Kreische

Recorded and mixed by: Robin Grabenberger
Mastered by: Dean Hadjichristou (Parkway Drive, Intervals, …)
Album Artwork by: Kim Silmbroth

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