Out Now! WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA Rarities Album "Textos Raros - Vol. 1 - 2001-2011"

Out Now! WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA Rarities Album „Textos Raros – Vol. 1 – 2001-2011”

Out now as of August 6th, Toronto’s White Cowbell Oklahoma present their first archival release “Textos Raros – Vol 1 – 2001-2011” via their very own label Slick Monkey Records. The album features over 40 minutes of eleven rare and never-released digital tracks.

Limited signed/numbered CD versions of “Textos Raros – Vol 1 – 2001-2011” are available on Whitecowbelloklahoma.bandcamp.com along with digital stream and download on Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Video – Take Me Down in Mexico:

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Songs such as „Take Me Down to Mexico”, „(Just) Some Things a Man Can’t Keep Inside”, „Southern Grace (Live)” and „Black Mountain Top (Whiskey Woman) (Live)” have only appeared on the vinyl version of 2012’s „Buenas Nachas” whereas other recorded songs „Black Night” (Deep Purple cover) and „Streetknifes ‘R’ Go” never made the final cut of the band’s discography and will be available to be heard for the first time.

Established in 1999 in Toronto, Canada, legendary rock armada White Cowbell Oklahoma has remained a behemoth of over the top rock n’ roll for over two decades. Featuring a nebulous syndicate of low-life participants and a show often compared to Kiss meets The Allman Brothers meet Frank Zappa meets The Tubes, the band has toured Europe and North America countless times, while completely disregarding musical trends, political correctness, and common decency.


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The band is recommended for fans of Deep Purple, ZZ Top, and Frank Zappa.

White Cowbell Oklahoma is also working on releasing new music in early 2022 along with North American tour dates starting December 2021 and European dates to begin Spring 2022.

2021 – Textos Raros – Vol 1. – 2001-2011
2018 – Seven Seas Of Sleaze
2015 – Mixto Sixto
2012 – Buenas Nachas
2010 – Viva Live Locos
2009 – Bombardero
2006 – Casa Diablo
2003 – Cencerro Blanco

Track Listing:
1. Take Me Down To Mexico (3:08)
2. Black Night (4:28) (Deep Purple Cover)
3. [Just] Some Things A Man Can’t Keep Inside (7:54)
4. The ‘Bell Are On The Run (3:54)
5. Shot A Gamblin’ Man (Early Version) (3:03)
6. This Cracker’s Got The Blues (Early Version) (3:26)
7. Lone Star Love-In (4:22)
8. Rebel Woman (1:45)
9. Southern Grace (Live) (3:25)
10. Black Mountain Top (Whiskey Woman) (Live) (4:20)
11. Streetknifes ‘R’ Go! (7:50)
Album Length: 47:44

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