Canada’s Mütherload’s New Music Video “The Visitor” Makes Contact With The Unknown; EP “Ü” July 19th

Hailing from London, ON, Canada, Mütherload has risen from the ashes of Heaven Ablaze, and has been intriguing metalheads already with their video for “The Visitor”. This single, off the upcoming debut EP “Ü”, has already been released and is viewable on YouTube:

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As the band puts it, “The Visitor” is one of the darker songs on the record, being in a much lower tuning than the last half of the six-track EP. They explain the track in their own words:

“The Visitor was the first release for us and was also chosen for our first music video. The song was originally written years ago as an acoustic song which is why if you listen carefully, you can hear an acoustic track in the chorus. We feel this song best represents our sound as there is a little bit of everything in there. There’s groove, thrash, melody, dynamics, and flow. It’s definitely one of our favorites to play live as well.”

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Mütherload started when guitarist Patrick Davison randomly ran into drummer and former bandmate Matt Ashton, several years after his hiatus from Heaven Ablaze had started. After the first jam, four songs were written and the group took off from there. Having previously worked together in Heaven Ablaze, the chemistry was instantly rekindled and everything just clicked.

The tracks presented on the EP are the ones that best sum up the current sound of Mütherload. There’s no concept approach to it, although a few of the tracks do flow in and out of each other. It’s a real, raw, ‘here’s-who-we-are’ style of recording.

Melodic, and groovy, Mütherload is recommended for fans of Lamb of God, In Flames, and Mastodon.

The full EP “Ü” is out July 9, 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Insect (3:54)
2. The Visitor (3:39)
3. Ü (0:44)
4. Iniquity (3:06)
5. Thaügüst (1:43)
6. Lamia (3:24)
EP Length: 16:32

EP and Live Band Line Up:
Patrick Davison – Guitar
Derek Haley – Guitar
Chris McKichan – Bass
Matt Ashton – Drums
Derek Lee – Vocals

More Info: 

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