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Nova Scotia’s HUMAN MISSILE CRISIS Unleashes Powerful Memorial Single “Blackwater” Off New Album “Liquor Store Stories”

Human Missile Crisis, the punk-infused garage-rock trio hailing from Dartmouth, Canada is pumped to release their debut album “Liquor Store Stories”, a garage rock, post-punk tribute to life, love, making mistakes, and the fallen. Powerful rhythms, aggressive executions, and some weird bits can all be found in this succinct 34-minute EP. The second single is “Blackwater” – a memorial track for a friend of theirs who passed away, which guitarist/vocalist DJ Vaters explains:

“This is one of those songs that just wrote itself and came out of nowhere within about 5 minutes. One day I was speaking to my old friend’s brother, and he reminded me that Charles passed away 5 years ago. Shortly after that conversation I cracked a beer, picked up the guitar and this song basically appeared in front of me. We grew up in Dominion, Nova Scotia, and here on our local beach because; there were coal mining communities all around us – coal dust would wash up on our beaches – this is what “Blackwater” is. Sonically I wanted this song to be powerful and memorable, an anthem to our old friend Charles.”

Watch and listen to “Blackwater” via its lyric video premiere HERE.

“Liquor Store Stories” is not just an album; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a rollercoaster ride through life’s highs and lows. Human Missile Crisis combines raw energy with introspective lyricism, creating a sound that’s as powerful as it is cathartic.

Recorded at The Sonic Temple by Lil Thomas, with additional tracking by Braden Kamermans of the Halifax-based indie rock band Sleepy Kicks at Uthful Music. The album was mixed by Braden Kamermans and mastered at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon by Brad Boatright. The album art is a photo of Vaters’ cat NUB, which was given an artistic treatment by Amy Crosby. The multifaceted album is a therapeutic journey and is recommended for fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Single Mothers, and Cloud Nothings.

The album “Liquor Store Stories” was released on August 25, 2023, and is available at the following links:

Spotify –

Bandcamp –

Linktree –

Previous Video – title track – “Liquor Store Stories” –

Track Listing:

1. Do You Remember – 3:00
2. The Spark – 4.22
3. Haunted Home – 2:28
4. Problems – 4:00
5. Blackwater – 3:30
6. Distant Memory – 4:02
7. Liquor Store Stories – 4:40
8. Too Long – 4:03
9. Mr Pryor – 4:16
Album Length: 34:26

  • Human Missle Crisis is.
  • DJ Vaters – Guitar/Vocals
  • Justin Boutilier – Bass
  • Matthew MacIsaac – Drums

More info: |

“I had a weird sensation while listening to the massive punch and swagger of “Liquor Store Stories” by Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based Human Missile Crisis. Not only is the title amazing and sounds like an anthology series on Hulu, the crunchy assaulting guitars, the nimble hyper bass lines, atomic drumming and strident vocal scowling aesthetic had me thinking of a 70’s Mod revival rock band instead of a punk outfit, namely, the iconic JAM. Maybe it is the major 7th and miner chords I think I am hearing, maybe it is the vocal countenance that does have a heavier sort of iteration of Weller, and maybe it is the fury of the bass and drums, of everything really. And it also might be the sense of talking about the inner workings of hometowns.

By the way, sonically, I also thought of an amalgam of early punk like the Buzzcocks and more current bangers like Prince Daddy & The Hyena.” -Robb Donker Curtius / American Pancake

“Merging elements of Garage Rock and Post-Punk, they end up delivering an exciting song to the listener, with great melodies and which stands out mainly for its great rhythmic work, with its striking bass line and vocals with great melodies.” -Leandro Vianna / Roadie Metal

“Maybe “Blackwater” from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based Human Missile Crisis is about wishing those who disappeared from your life well, maybe not. Maybe it is all about the glorious noise, the throttling bass bottom heaviness that kicks you in the gut, maybe not. Maybe it is about finding what you are searching for and not dive deep into the blackness to find it, maybe not. In the end, maybe Human Missile Crisis feels like Black Sabbath, The Dead Kennedys, Coachwhips, Bass Drum of Death atom smashed together into something else entirely, something visceral and impactful.” -Robb Donker Curtius / American Pancake

“”Liquor Store Stories” is a single recently dropped by Nova Scotia-based band, Human Missile Crisis. Boasting an infectious energy equipped with melodic vocal flows and anthemic instrumental work, this is a powerful new tune that delivers a unique blend of styles. Elements of punk, garage rock, indie, and emo are all present here, and the band shines brightly by creatively blending all the influences into one full sound.” -Havoc Underground

“”Too Long” is a melody that will really provoke something powerful and luminous in you with its most violent and rhythmic rhythms, capable of awakening the monster that you keep inside of you, this band will shake you with this crazy song bathed in the best alternative sounds and aggressive sounds of punk fused with the darkness of a more balanced rock.” -End Sessions

“‘Too Long’ by Human Missile Crisis is an energetic, aggressive and dark punk and rock whose instruments provide an auditory explosion in the best of the senses, causing a piece of music full of rhythm to be manufactured. While listening to the song I couldn’t stop moving my head back and forth because of how catchy it is, it’s one of those songs that you fall in love with in a second. I loved the song from start to finish and I hope you do too.” -Javier Alfonso / La Caverna

“The album begins with “Do you Remember”, a song that has a powerful guitar in its intro and remains that way, but from the beginning you say this album is not going to stop, it is going to maintain that hard and aggressive rhythm, although They also have California punk songs like “The Spark”, and of course they also have songs like “Distant Memory”, with a slower rhythm, but with the same strength in the voice. This album really has 9 incredible tracks for those who like garage and punk, and also get into slam.” -Miguel Castillo/ La Caverna

“Opening the record is ‘Do You Remember’, a three-minute romp that must be powered by Jack Daniels because the vocals have that tinge of Lemmy about them. The track ebbs and flows for those 180 seconds but always comes back to the punchy punk-rock vibe that is at the core of Liquor Store Stories.” -Dan Hemming / Hard Beat Magazine

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