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Canada’s DESPITE THE REVERENCE Marches Into Maturity With “War Machine”; New Album “Stress Of Evolution” Out Now!

Impressively, Saskatoon, Canada’s Despite The Reverence has been together writing and performing for over 10 years now with the same lineup and as of this year, has produced five full-length albums. The most recent addition to their catalog is “Stress Of Evolution”, a twelve-track, neck-breaking monster of an album that builds on all of their previous work. The latest video out is “War Machine”, five minutes of thundering drums, wild solos, and groovy riffs. The band details:

““War Machine” is another heavy rocker and packs a lot of energy. The song comes in with a roar and pounding guitars, bass, and drums. The verses quiet down but only for a moment and really to give more emphasis to the rest of the song. By the time the bridge hits in the middle, the song is full steam ahead. A ripping solo followed by a halftime but heavy-beaten ending wraps the song up. The lyrics are powerful and strong and the outro has a ring to it with the feeling of royalty.”

Watch and listen to “War Machine”:

According to the band, they wanted the album to be dynamic from heavy to melodic. It’s a mixture of tempos, styles, and instrumentation. They firmly believe that variety is the spice of life and they focus on bringing everything together under one roof creating unique and interesting compositions which flow together under a common concept.

They are very excited about this new album as they continue to evolve as a band and as songwriters. This album combines all of the best elements of Despite The Reverence that have been sharpened over the last 4 albums prior. All songs on the album were performed and written by Despite The Reverence; it was produced and mixed by Chris Douglas at The Sound Castle and the mastering was handled by Trevor Case at Case Mastering.

As with most bands, there is a wide variety of musical influences woven throughout Despite The Reverence’s music, including those from a variety of thrash, hard rock, prog, and heavy metal.

“Stress Of Evolution” is available at the following links –Despitethereverence.bandcamp.comSpotify​

Music Videos:

“Primate Centurion” –

“Cyborg” –

“Killing Plebs” –

Track Listing:
1. Cyborg – 5:41
2. Khali Yuga – 4:33
3. Surprise Kill Vanish – 4:42
4. Primate Centurion – 6:11
5. Killing Plebs – 3:54
6. Fears Of Our Fathers – 1:45
7. Stress Of Evolution – 5:02
8. Human Obsolete – 4:24
9. Thinning The Herd – 3:56
10. War Machine – 4:55
11. At My Door Knocks Death – 5:43
12. Disco Death Tech – 4:01
Album Length: 54:53

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