THY VEILS a lansat „Influx”, un nou single de pe viitorul album „Next Forever”

THY VEILS, unul dintre cele mai prolifice grupuri de muzică electronică din România, a lansat un nou single extras de pe viitorul album „Next Forever”. Piesa „Influx” marchează noi dimensiuni  de influență compozițională conturate în jurul unor genuri precum synthwave, pop sau funk. 

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Precum un univers într-o neîncetată transformare în lumina bucuriei, THY VEILS își continuă explorarea artistică și ne cheamă să descoperim noi forme de înțelegere și de expansiune spirituală prin sunet. „Influx”, cel mai recent single al trupei timișorene, dincolo de soundscape-ul eclectic, reușește să creeze o poartă de acces a individului către o nouă formă de conștiință. Dorința, visul și cunoașterea devin aici părți ale întregului, iar frumosul este unica formă de exprimare a vietii. „Influx” este o invitație la unitate, o celebrare în deplină armonie a lumii.

Influențele THY VEILS

Influențele de natură funk completează acest peisaj prin tonuri care adaugă mesajului acele nuanțe de veselie ce transformă pașii acestei treceri în mișcări de dans. Ritmul viu și inflexiunile vocale hipnotice dezvoltă o energie care te cuprinde cu ușurință și în sânul căreia te găsești fredonând cu frenezie pasaje de bucurie.

Din punct de vedere tematic, „Influx” descrie cel mai bine direcția spre care se îndreaptă „Next Forever”, un album ce creionează o lume deconectată de la individualitate, aflată într-o nouă stare de conștiință, unitară și indisolubilă, în care bucuria devine singura formă de înțelegere a lumii. „Next Forever” continuă astfel această odisee futuristă începută cu albumul „Neoradiant” doar că, de această dată, viziunea creativă se îndreaptă către o explorare a unui univers în care viața devine o experiență unitară. Simțirea și gândul sunt chipuri ale aceluiași drive care transformă omul în obiect al binelui.

Despre Noul Material THY VEILS

Despre noul material, Daniel Dorobanțu, fondatorul grupului, declară că: “ În contextul explorărilor Thy Veils, «Next Forever» este bucuria pe care ți-o dă gândul apropierii de casă. Este, compozițional vorbind, un dans pe care îl dobândești din inerție, în mod organic și pe care îl dezvolți în principiile libere ale bucuriei. Thy Veils este o călătorie în pas cu timpurile și deseori înaintea lor.”

Într-o serie de articole dedicată albumului „Next Forever” publicată pe site-ul trupei, Daniel Dorobanțu ne introduce în universul creativ al următorului material THY VEILS. În acest prim episod sunt dezvăluite detalii despre tematica și viziunea spre care se îndreaptă „Next Forever”.

Piesa „Influx” poate fi ascultată live pe 18 noiembrie în cadrul concertului THY VEILS ce va avea loc în Control Club din Bucuresti.

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AITTALA Is Now Streaming Genre Defying, Eclectic Doom Album “Live to Regret”

Aittala has been around since 1991 and in that time has developed a sound that is unique, progressive, and memorable. With a solid core of doom metal, they add hints of power metal, sludge, and traditional metal, a feast of variety that is on full display in their upcoming seventh album “Live to Regret”. Lyrically, the album chronicles a chaotic period of time for members of the band personally as well as the global events happening in parallel. The band comments on the album:

“Aittala is extremely excited for the fans to hear the new album “Live to Regret”. The pandemic was a stressful time for everyone, but it’s even much more stressful when you’re dealing with an unhealthy relationship that’s full of tension and animosity on a daily basis. A lot of toxic energy fueled the writing of the album and became something of a way to cleanse the spirit of the toxicity. We hope the fans hear the pain, pleasure, and passion that went into the writing of these songs. I think they’ll connect with these songs more than prior albums because they are more personal. Overall, we’re very pleased with how the album turned out. It’s definitely the best Aittala album yet and we look forward to building on it in the future!”

The album has eleven tracks, each defying the limits of genre rules. There is the thrash-inspired track “Cannibals” that confronts the tightening grip of governmental monitoring and control. The sludgy “Big Brother” – is about the devolution/zombification of the human race due to technology. The smoky stoner infused “Never Forget” talks about dealing with a toxic person along with many more.

For Aittala, only enough songs are written for an album, so they don’t have the problem of having to select certain songs over others. During the songwriting process, only the best songs get past the idea stage, then they are developed and refined until the song is complete. As far as how much more music fans can expect, there are no plans to stop writing and releasing new material.

An eclectic mix of metal, “Live to Regret” is recommended for fans of Baroness, Crowbar, and Katatonia.

Listen to the album in full via its premiere:

„Live to Regret” will be available on November 7, 2022, via Exitus Stratagem Records and was produced by Eric Aittala and John E. Wooten IV, who also mixed the record along with mastering by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering. Album artwork by Mariano Pugliese.

Album pre-order:

Music Video – Collateral Damage –​​

Lyric Video – Live to Regret –

Track Listing:
1. Live to Regret – 2:49
2. Collateral Damage – 3:22
3. War of Attrition – 3:18
4. Saint – 3:35
5. Cannibals – 3:56
6. Betrayed – 3:26
7. Big Brother – 4:45
8. Dancing with Disaster – 3:35
9. Never Forget – 3:36
10. Well Enough Alone – 5:03
11. Juliet (2022) – 5:24
Album Length: 42:56

For more info:

About: The music of AITTALA (pronounced ‘EYE-tah-la’) crosses many metal genres; it’s hard to put it into just one category. The sound infuses elements of classic heavy metal, doom, progressive, power, thrash, and hard rock with lyrics drawing inspiration from the darker side of the human condition. The AITTALA sound has been cited for being unique which is no easy feat in the metal genre.

The first version of AITTALA was formed in 1991 while Eric Aittala was living in Holland. With fellow American Tim on vocals and Dutch bandmates Ed (drums) and Jon (bass), the band became a staple of the Dutch metal scene.

With the release of the 3-song EP ‘Selling Heaven’ in summer of 1993, AITTALA opened for such bands as THE GATHERING and SADIST. Unfortunately, as the demo started to create a buzz in the underground European metal scene, Eric had to return to the US and disbanded AITTALA.

Over the next decade or so, Eric played in numerous bands (TRIBE, MAGNETHEAD, DWELL) and lost focus on AITTALA.

Near the end of the 00’s, Eric decided it was time to refocus his efforts on the AITTALA brand. From 2009 to 2016, AITTALA released 4 full-length albums: ‘Bed of Thorns’ (2009), ‘Haunt Your Flesh’ (2011), ‘Effigy’ (2014) and ‘American Nightmare’ (2016). Each album showcasing a natural progression of song writing and lyrical content but retaining the core AITTALA sound and evolving it.

In 2019, AITTALA signed with Curtain Call Records and released the band’s fifth full-length album ‘False Pretenses’. It was ten brand new songs that not only continued the song writing evolution of heavier but catchy songs, but also sonically. AITTALA used an entirely different approach for the recording, mixing and mastering to create the best AITTALA album to date.

The current lineup of AITTALA consists of Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith (THE FIFTH, ex-MR BLACKWELL) on drums and Ali Lugo (ex-AGE OF DESPAIR) on bass.

They continue to write, record and tour to bring AITTALA to the masses with plans in 2022 to unleash their sixth studio album entitled „Live To Regret” to be released by label Exitus Stratagem Records.

– 30 –

„This platter is heavy melodic ear candy that drips with deep and mesmeric face-melting tones and grinding rhythms.” (Live to Regret) – The Metal Gods Meltdown

„The band’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole because they incorporate a variety of styles. The common element in all the songs is the potent groove. On tracks like “Black Coffin” and “Afterthought” stoner/doom is at the forefront, while songs such as “Disowned” have a more traditional metal vibe. There are progressive influences on “How Much Longer,” while the closer “Debt” is a piano based ballad. Even with so many disparate styles, Aittala bring everything together into a cohesive whole.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“I would describe them as an eclectic Doom Metal band, although their sound is a bit tough to define. That’s ultimately a good thing though, and I enjoy the refreshment of something different. My only major complaint is that on some songs, the vocals and lyrics are so drawn out that they become a little boring and you end up waiting a bit for something cool to happen. The good news is something cool usually does end up happening” – Metal-Temple

„In the metal world, bands can start to sound the same and Aittala steps outside of the box. With clear crisp vocals, grinding rhythms and well executed leads, this band is definitely in a league of their own.” – The Metal Channel


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