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Revel In The Violent, Dystopic Assault Of ALL ELSE FAILS’ “Flesh/Excess/Wealth” Off Upcoming EP “The Incident at Black Lake”

Edmonton, Canada’s All Else Fails knows a thing or two about the local music game with an impressive nine albums under their belts since getting together fifteen years ago. They have another work ready for audiences this year, one that is personal, direct, and in the current era, more relatable. “The Incident at Black Lake” is 25 minutes of technical, harsh, and melodic metal that is being supported by show dates in September.

Initially, the band toyed with releasing the album as one long track, but has broken it into digestible singles that will be released in the coming months. They do recommend listening to it as a whole, ideally on headphones, or with a great home speaker setup. They spent a lot of time working on the sonic headspace of this release. Vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko explains the personal background of the first single “Flesh/Excess/Wealth”:

“This song explores the horror of having the sense of my own humanity removed from my conscious existence. I put progress and individualism over kindness and community, I have forgotten that I am part of a greater universe to which humanity has barely opened our eyes at. I hurt myself in the name of our god; currency, I humiliate myself at the altar of ego. I place the needs of the unknown few above the wanting many and am often not aware of doing so. This song is about disconnection. Musically it is oppressive, militant, violent, and aggressive.”

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“Flesh/Excess/Wealth” is a violent, dystopian assault on the senses. The depths of its endless despair are contrasted ever slightly by the glimpse of hope in its reminder that we are more, we come from dust and will return to it, as do the stars, as will the Earth. The softer, ethereal eastern musical elements are employed to offset the crushing march of industrial percussion, a nod to the band’s recent experiences in India.

The song is heavy, fast, and technical while carrying an ambient melodic beauty in its pre-choruses and bridge. Backed by thrashy guitars and animated drums, the driving chants in the vocals are huge, evoking a feverish mass hysteria. It is recommended listening for fans of Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, and Revocation.

The single “Flesh/Excess/Wealth” can be heard via its premiere here:

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The album “The Incident at Black Lake” is out on September 30, 2022.

Show Dates:
Sept 17 – The Vat – Red Deer, AB

Track Listing:
1. I, Defiler (5:48)
2. The Corpse Inside (8:24)
3. Flesh /Excess /Wealth (5:36)
4. Crystal Mountain (5:19)
EP Length: 25:09

All Else Fails is:
Barrett Klesko – Vocals, Guitar
John Saturley – Guitar
Coco Lee – Bass, Vocals
Nelson Collins-Lee – Drums


Over the last 15 years, Edmonton, Alberta based award-winning metal band All Else Fails has become a cornerstone of the melodic heavy metal community in Canada. Combining intense riffs, intricate rhythm sections, brutal guttural screams, and melodic yet unusual vocal lines paired with relevant and relatable lyrics, All Else Fails’ message resonates with us all.

Formed in 2006 with the release of their self-titled EP, All Else Fails has gone on to release 9 studio albums, many of which have garnered awards and nominations from across the Canadian music industry and have propelled the band into live performances all over the world, including their massively successful tour of India in 2017.

For the past two years, the band has been hard at work writing their new album “The Incident at Black Lake.” A deeply personal, brutally honest, and staggeringly complex take on the reality-bending mental struggles of vocalist and founder, Barrett Klesko (The Misfires, The Order of Chaos). The band is filled out by guitarist John Saturley (The Order of Chaos, Skepsis), bassist and vocalist Coco Lee (Eternal Prophecy), and drummer Nelson Collins-Lee (The 21st Agenda, Skepsis). The album is produced by Bevin Booth of In the Booth Recordings and engineered at The Electric Treehouse in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2022, the band is returning to their DIY roots by mindfully abandoning their social media and redirecting their energy to contributing to their local metal scene by building a direct personal connection to their fans and followers, living in line with a humanist philosophy and encouraging a culture of support between artists. All Else Fails’ new single “Flesh /Excess /Wealth” drops in early September with the full EP “The Incident at Black Lake” releasing September 30th. Fans can experience their explosive new live show this fall in Western Canada.

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“A Monster of a Metal Opus” – The Edmonton Journal (The False Sanctuary 2018)

“All Else Fails has a striking level of detail, constant melodic bloodshed and unremitting rhythms that push through your throat leaving you with no choice but to bang your head.” – Boston Rock Radio (The False Sanctuary 2018)

“They are by turns pissed and melodic, speedy and anthemic – but always organic sounding….their song “The Sons Of Plenty”, a tune that encompasses all those things and demonstrates what the band is capable of.” – Gear Gods (The Forever Lie 2017)

“Guttural heaviness + impacting music = You’ll like it!” – CFMU 93.3 FM – Master Radio (Hamilton, ON) ( The Forever Lie 2017)

“From song to song you are greeted by pummeling riffs, heavy blasting drums, thick bass lines and vocals that transition between menacing and deadly growls to soaring and highly intoxicating cleans. Before you know it All Else Fails has you headbanging and singing along to each of their songs.” – Cadaver Garden (The Forever Lie 2017)

“this six track EP sees this quartet expand their mutant thrash blueprint with doses of melodic crooning and bursts of dizzying orchestral strings on Obedience At The Altar Of Sacrifice.” – Metal Hammer Mag UK (Fucktropolis – 2013)

““Fucktropolis”. What an awesome name for an EP. And what an awesome EP it is.” – Metal Temple (Fucktropolis – 2013)

“They have a very ominous sound, if you will, with quick, intricate and skillful instrumentals – especially the drumming. Their talent really shows through in their final product.” – Spill Magazine (Fucktropolis – 2013)

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