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Montreal’s THE OCCULT Presents Relentless And Gritty “Watch You Die” Off S/T Debut

Montreal, Canada’s The Occult are pleased to present their third single “Watch You Die”, off their upcoming self-titled debut album slated for a release next month. The single is the opening track on the album and a great introduction to a record full of catchy punk riffs, bouncy rock n’ roll energy, gritty yet melodic vocals, and lyrical themes ranging from dark and macabre, to critical and political all incorporating influences from 80s and 90s thrash to Seattle grunge. Vocalist/songwriter Eric Savanis shares his thoughts on the single, the upcoming video and the album:

“Lyrically, the single is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. Musically, it’s very dynamic and certainly a favourite to play live. As for the rest of the album, while the songs might seem tongue and cheek at times, there’s magick permeating everywhere on the record. As a student of Western Hermeticism, it’s no coincidence that the band is called The Occult. Raf, our guitarist, worked his ass off on the upcoming video which is gonna blow people’s minds.”

The music video for “Watch You Die” can be seen and heard at:

Single pre-save –

The music and the lyrics on the album are all composed by Savanis. On the album, he is joined by guitarist Alex Klimantiris (Purple Meadow), bassist Gianni Berretta (House of Dusk/Beware) and drummer Justin Piedimonte (Immortal Guardian/The Chronicles of Israfel). The live lineup is different as is features bassist Carlos Carvalho & guitarist Rafael Corzo.

With a wide range of influences, there are elements in the music to satiate a colourful array of music lovers – some of their tunes relate to horror fiction, but they are certainly not a horror punk band. They don’t want to be lumped into a decisive genre as they find it limiting, they do lean heavily into lyrics of a darker nature including real-life events.

The Occult brings clean and accessible punk rock to listeners who are sure to fall into the vibe quite easily. They are recommended for fans of Misfits, Guns N Roses, and The Ramones.

The self-titled album will be available on August 19, 2022.

Digital album pre-save –

Music Video – “Into This Night” –

Visualizer – “Planet Pisces” featuring guest vocals from Lord Fez Khan (ex-Crosstitution, Double Cross) –

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Track Listing:
1. Watch You Die – 3:05
2. In This Night – 2:59
3. Deth Doll – 3:22
4. Strangling Republicans – 2:48
5. It’s Amateur Hour – 2:49
6. 20 Years – 2:59
7. Dots – 2:05
8. Gotta Love Those Humans – 3:47
9. Dine with Me – 1:56
10. Team Satan – 3:48
11. Planet Pisces – 2:44
12. Nicole – 2:51
13. Occupy Unite – 3:14
Album Length: 35:50

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: The Occult
• All songs written by: Eric Savanis
• Produced by: Eric Savanis
• Mixed by: Maxime Philippe
• Mastered by: Maxime Philippe
• Album Artwork by: Ishca Photography

Album Band Line Up:
Vocals: Eric Savanis
Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Back Vox/Co-Lead on Dots Vox: Alex Klimatiris (Purple Meadow)
Bass & Back Vox: Gianni Berretta (House of Dusk)
Drums: Justin Piedimonte (Immortal Guardian, ex-The Chronicles of Israfel)
Guest Vocals on Planet Pisces: Lord Fez Khan (ex- Crosstitution, Double Cross)

Live Band Line Up:
Vocals: Eric Savanis
Rhythm Guitar & Back Vox: Rafael Corzo
Bass & Back Vox: Carlos Carvalho
Drums: Adrian Sowavey

For more info:

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