Montreal's ETERNAL CLOSURE Flaunt The Duality Of Harsh Growls And Soaring Cleans In Vocal Playthrough For “Exiled” + New Album Out Sept 2022 - Contemporary-Establishment

Montreal’s ETERNAL CLOSURE Flaunt The Duality Of Harsh Growls And Soaring Cleans In Vocal Playthrough For “Exiled” + New Album Out Sept 2022

Montreal’s Eternal Closure has a second single “Exiled” ready for ears, that comes off their latest album “At The Centre Of It All – Chapter I”, which will be released in September.

The metalcore act isn’t just about melody and breakdowns, they are influenced by thrashy and djent tunes and also by cats. The upcoming album, the first of two parts, will be the third from the band and is their most aggressive to date with a new frontwoman ready to melt faces. The single “Exiled” starts off immediately from when the previous track, “Practice What You Preach” ends. As a vocal playthrough, it gives new frontwoman Katrine Castonguay a chance to show off her range in both guttural growls and powerful cleans. Guitarist/songwriter Olivier Boitel explains further:

“This song calms the pace down a little bit, with the emphasis being on vocal harmonies and overall melodic writing. There’s a good amount of clean guitars during the verses (mostly as back and forth with the vocals) and harsh vocals are used sparingly. The song also probably has my favourite guitar solo I’ve ever written. I’ve never been much of a lead guitar player but a big effort was made into improving that for this album. Lyrically, it’s a more introspective song about staying true to yourself and only changing for your own sake, not how society tells you to.”

Watch and listen to the vocal playthrough “Exiled”

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Eternal Closure dates back to about ten years ago, and although technically no one from the original lineup is still in the band they are driving forward, deviating from the core formula by adding progressive tidbits while getting more and more serious about their craft. They are the same band as before, but turning it up a notch by being more technical, more aggressive, and focusing on better songwriting.

Boitel has been taking the helm when it comes to writing material, then guitarists Marine Lacarrière and Phil Lemelin add their pieces to make it a more complete arrangement. Then drummer Philippe Boitel and bassist Jonathan Lauzon re-work the rhythm section to make it their own. Finally, when the song feels close to done, Boitel writes vocal lines and lyrics which are further worked out with Castonguay. The result is tight catchy songs that exude musicianship.

Branching out from more than just metalcore, Eternal Closure is recommended for open-minded metalheads especially those who enjoy As I Lay Dying, Currents, and Trivium.

The full album “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” comes out on September 23, 2022. | Apple Music | Spotify

Music Video – “Practice What You Preach” –

Track Listing:
1. Conflict I (4:48)
2. Practice What You Preach (5:34)
3. Exiled (3:54)
4. Dimensions Apart (3:55)
5. From One Side to Another (4:43)
6. Moonrider (4:32)
Album Length: 27:28

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Katrine Castonguay – Vocals
Olivier Boitel – Guitar, Back Vocals
Jonathan Lauzon – Bass, Back vocals
Philippe Boitel – Drums
Marine Lacarrière – Guitar
Phil Lemelin – Guitar

2022 – At the Center of It All – Chapter I
2020: Color of our Fears Rediscovered – Deluxe Edition
2019: Color of our Fears – LP
2016: Screaming in Silence -LP
2014: Ad Primum – EP

For more info:


Eternal Closure is a six-piece, female-fronted metal band from Montreal, Quebec. They stand out from the heavy local scene with their unique blend of aggressive riffs, versatile vocals, and epic melodies. They draw inspiration from various sub-genres such as metalcore, progressive metal, and djent. Their hard work and dedication is only matched by their excessive love for cats.

The group formed by guitarist and singer Olivier Boitel, bassist Jonathan Lauzon, and drummer Philippe Boitel, was recently joined by vocalist Katrine Castonguay as well as guitarists Marine Lacarrière and Phil Lemelin, to evolve into its ultimate form.

The band has created their most ambitious record to date, “At the Center of It All”. The album will be split into two chapters, the first of which will be released in the fall of 2022. The song “Practice What You Preach” will be released as a single a few months prior.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cryptopsy’s guitarist and sound engineer Christian Donaldson (Shadow of Intent, Beyond Creation, Despised Icon, The Agonist).

Over the past decade, the band explored what makes them unique. Their songs “I Won’t Fall” and “Defying Gravity” have become a staple in Montreal’s metal scene. They have opened for renowned bands like The Agonist, Ice Nine Kills, Beyond Creation, Obey the Brave, and Red Handed Denial.​
Eternal Closure is ready to make its breakthrough in the global metal community and is eager to work relentlessly to reach as many cat-loving metalheads out there as possible!

– 30 –

“Ultra tight with raw energy that’s absolutely blinding, Color of our Fears crushes skulls.” – The Sounds Won’t Stop

“Eternal Closure have created an excellent piece of music that is hard, melodious, brutal and complex.” – KOBZR Magazine

“[Eternal Closure] have reminded me to want to throw my fists into the air just for the hell of it today.” – Drop the Spotlight

“Having 3 guitarists forces us to come up with more complex arrangements, which is awesome.” – Rock Monster Romania

“I feel like our sound is something that is slightly different than what everyone else is doing here.” – Ever Metal

“[People] should expect to hear modern Metalcore that also blends many different influences. There’s some prog, thrash, death, etc… We don’t really confine ourselves to one thing.” – Devils Gate Music

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