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Join The Swarm With QUIESCENT MANTIS And Their New Lyric Video For “Shake The Cage”

Quiescent Mantis, born from heavy metal sounds crossed with old school science fiction movies, brings a new, campy lyrical vibe to solid traditional groovy riffs. The furious trio of guitarist Chris Trainor, bassist/vocalist Jordan Mckenzie, and drummer Johnny Mejia came together to deliver one face-melting lick after another while the ground below them shatters with breakdowns. They have an album in the works, but for now, they are releasing the single “Shake The Cage” with a lyric video. It started as an instrumental, but has since developed lyrics, the band details the track:

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“It was the first song we wrote for the album with its sole purpose to show our music ability and a way for all of us to showcase what this next chapter in the swarm and our album is going to be like. We were shooting for a song that will keep the audience moving when played live whether it means headbanging, moshing, singing, or all of the above. The song defines our sound and our music abilities as better than anything we have released so far.”

Quiescent Mantis released their debut EP “Chapter 1” last year, and while they find their niche has gone from a more traditional thrash sound to a truer heavy metal sound with paper shredding leads, earth-shaking bass lines along with almost machine-like drumming. They aim to provide a unique experience with a mixture of old school thrash and new school metal techniques such as breakdowns which will be prevalent on the next album.

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“Shake The Cage” will catch people’s attention as it is very melodic and heavy on great grooves. Add in some absolute crazy breakdowns and you have a track with a little bit of everything for everyone. Fans of Killswitch Engage, Pantera, and Machine Head will be especially interested in what Quiescent Mantis has to offer.

The lyric video for “Shake the Cage” can be seen via its premiere on TheCirclePit:

Single digital stream and download at

Single Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Chris Trainor, Jordan Mckenzie, and Johnny Mejia
• All songs written by: Chris Trainor, Jordan Mckenzie, Johnny Mejia
• Produced by: Yanic Bercier
• Mixed by: Yanic Bercier
• Mastered by: Alan Doches
• Album Artwork by: Spacer Art

Band Recording and Live Line Up:
Chris Trainor – Guitarist / Backup Vocals
Jordan Mckenzie – Bass and Vocals
Johnny Mejia – Drums

For more info:

Former scientists Chris Trainor, Jordan McKenzie, and Johnny Mejia were previously employed by Sub-atomic Weight of Acceleration Research Mechanics or S.W.A.R.M. While working on a project involving particle collision the team inadvertently tore open a brief doorway to the mantis homeworld exposing themselves to a mind-altering pheromone in the process.

The trio is now obsessed with opening the portal permanently allowing their mantis overlords access to our world; they are harbingers of the Swarm, selected to terraform and prepare Earth for the coming invasion. Wielding mighty instruments of sonic assault they herald the approach of the swarm of the brutal blend of thrash death metal and hardcore. The Swarm has slumbered in exile for far too long, the gates are ready to open, and it’s time to join the Swarm!

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