Trupa BRUTE a lansat single-ul "In locul tau" - contemporary-establishment

Trupa BRUTE a lansat single-ul “In locul tau”

Trupa bucureșteană B R U T E a lansat single-ul “În locul tău”. Băieții au postat clipul pe Youtube și pe rețelele de socializare împreună cu următorul mesaj.

“pentru o viata sanatoasa respectati-va TIMPUL personal si ascultati muzica ADEVARATA. fara alte cuvinte…va prezentam noua noastra piesa. IN LOCUL TAU. pls share&care pentru muzica independenta si toti muzicienii care se ‘lupta’ sa existe si care isi doresc calitate si nu cantitate. long live UNDERGROUND!”

B R U T E is a band based in Bucharest/Romania, consisting of: Danny (guitar/vocals), Mihai (bass/vocals), Andrei (lead guitar) and Bobby (drums).

B R U T E has a R A W and powerful sound based on alternative and some punk influences that will surely get your mind wandering and body moving.

Comand[ bilete la – Rocanotherworld 2022

Starting with a fresh layout, the band’s main goal is making a statement about the issues related to modern society and how this controls individuals by making them give up on their dreams in order to fit in the norms of society.

We are not anarchists, but we are a group of people which realised that each and one of us has a huge potential which will not surface unless there is determination and self trust. That’s why the band lives up to the words: “LIBERUM AETERNUM

B R U T E!

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