Dissenting Minds Release - "Fly In The Face Of God" (Greece)

Dissenting Minds Release – „Fly In The Face Of God” (Greece)

  • Artist: Dissenting Minds
  • Release title: Fly In The Face Of God
  • Label: Self-Released
  • Release Date: 18-06-2021
  • Format: Digital, CD
  • Genre: Heavy, Black Metal, Death Metal, Post
  • Country: Greece

For fans of Harakiri for the Sky, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Alcest

Dissenting Minds is a new band from Athens, Greece founded in 2019 by George Triantafyllidis (ex Revolted Masses) and Spyros Vasilakis (Fallen Arise, Lycans). Later Anastasis Katsos (Lycans) joined the group. The band plays heavy/black metal infused with death and post elements. They just finished their first concept debut album titled „Fly in The Face of God”.

Music By Dissenting MindsLyrics and Concept by George TriantafyllidisProduced by Dissenting Minds at xPariahproductionsMixed by George TriantafyllidisMastering by Henrik Udd

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The band is available for:E-mail interviewsPhone/skype/Zoom interviewsVideo interviews

Tracklist1. Born Blind2. A Dark Purpose3. Arcane Shadow4. Isolation5. Rememory6. Ending The Cycle7. Thanatophobia8. Deliverance

Line-up:Spyros Vasilakis – GuitarsGeorge Triantafyllidis – Guitars, VocalsAnastasis Katsos – Drums



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