Mariusz Duda Announces His New Album ‘Interior Drawings’ – Out In December 2021 (Riverside singer, prog, aor, melodic, solo, singer-songwriter

To be released in December 2021 on Glassville Records.

Mariusz Duda, the artist known as the frontman of Riverside and the man behind Lunatic Soul, has just announced that his new solo album entitled Interior Drawings will be out this year, more precisely in December 2021. Interior Drawings will be the third and final installment of the so-called Lockdown Trilogy, which the artist decided to release during the pandemic in a somewhat controversial way: this means that is only available on his Bandcamp, on digital streaming platforms, and… on cassette tapes.

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„A long time ago, sometime in 2020, when Lockdown still inspired fear and terror, and uncertainty about tomorrow knocked on the door, I created „Lockdown Spaces”, an album that was to begin a new trilogy. Less than a year later, when everyone had already got used to the new state of affairs, I created album number 2, „Claustrophobic Universe”, at the same time letting you know that I would try to release the third and final installment of the „Lockdown Trilogy” at the end of this year. And so it is my pleasure to announce that the last part of the lockdown story will be called „Interior Drawings” and will be out in December 2021.After squares and circles, it’s time for… triangles. But here I must point out that the exceptional, minimalist, and original artwork design of the whole trilogy was created by Hajo Müller long before a certain series madness on one of the paid VoD services” – explains Mariusz Duda.

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Lockdown Trilogy is all about minimalist electronics inspired by such artists as Tangerine Dream, but also by the new solo work of Thom Yorke among others. Interior Drawings is going to be the most musically accessible release of the three. 

The previous installments of the Lockdown Trilogy can be found here and on all digital services. The cassette tapes can be ordered here.
More info coming soon.


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