CARADRAS release new video for the track "Siegel, gebrochen"

CARADRAS release new video for the track „Siegel, gebrochen”

On 15 October „Schattenkönige”, the debut album of the German black metallers CARADRAS, was released. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the planning for a record release show was a bit difficult at that time, but on 13 November the whole thing will take place after all. At the Helvete in Oberhausen, Hexer, Vendul & Ruinen will also do the honors to celebrate the album release live. In addition, the band has released a lavishly produced lyric video „Siegel, gebrochen” on the MDD YouTube channel today, featuring M.D. from Helrunar as guest vocalist. Check it out!

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// Siegel, gebrochen @ Youtube //

// Caradras Live //
13. November, Helvete/Oberhausen Record Releaseshow /w Hexer, Vendul & Ruinen
11. December, Marburg /w Hyems

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