Susurro released new single

Susurro released new single

German Death/Thrash Metal band Susurro released their new single «Burning in Flame» from the band upcoming debut album „Eratic” that will be released this year. The new single was recorded in „AKS Studios”, and mixed/mastered by Andy Lux.

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Susurro was formed in 2019 at Allmersbach, Germany by Jack Skaner (vocals/guitar). Soon after Mr. Six-Ell (bass) and Winzent Walace (guitars/keyboard) joined the band and the lineup was completed. The band released their first 2 singles „No Way Out” and „Ghost Rider” in 2019, the single „Hateful” in 2020 and the single „Leopard Does`t Change It`s Spots” in 2021.


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