INVASION (ex-Fuck Off & Aspid) & BARBARIAN will see their demos 2000 & 2003 reissued on CD/DIGITAL through Fighter Records!

Fighter Records is planning the imminent official reissue of the only 2000 demo of INVASION, a band formed by two ex-members of FUCK OFF and two ex-members of ASPID, two of the most relevant Spanish Thrash/ Speed bands. in the ’90s. It also includes the 2003 demo of BARBARIAN, which is the continuation of said band, although this time with Pep at the helm and different members. This release will be titled „Barbarian Invasion” and will be released on CD and Digital formats on October 28th through Fighter Records.

INVASION was formed in the late ’90s by ex-FUCK OFF guitarist Pep Casas. In 1998, for the formation of said band, Pep, contacted Joe, ex-singer of FUCK OFF, and with brothers Javi and Rafa Garrigós, bassist and drummer respectively, from the band ASPID, who at that time had made a hiatus in their activity, to find a new singer. They recorded a demo in 2000 and played some shows in the area. Later, as a trio and with Pep taking over the voice, they became BARBARIAN INVASION, although later, in 2003, they shortened their monicker to BARBARIAN and Pep went on to bass and Alberto Martorell on guitar and Luciano Rocca on drums, recording a 6-track demo that same year, followed by an EP and two albums until 2009.

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Barbarian Invasion” contains the two demos of both bands, which were actually one, where photos of both lineups are included, as well as the complete and detailed history of their trajectory and all members that formed it. The covert artwork has been created by José Vives, and in this way, those demos that are already part of the history of Spanish Metal are immortalized.

Tracklist for „Barbarian Invasion” is as follows:

INVASION „Demo 2000”
01. Torquemada
02. Invasión
03. El Espejo
04. Parásito
05. Cyclone Pt. IV

BARBARIAN „Demo 2003”
06. Máquina Infernal
07. Teenager at the Seventies
08. La Flor del Diablo
09. Luzbel
10. Los Elegidos
11. L’Aguila Negra

Barbarian Invasion” release will see the light on 28th of October on CD & Digital formats through Fighter Records. You can listen to the 1st advance track on the following link:

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