Out today! Dark Redeemer – „Into the Deep Black”

Blasphemous Records is proud to announce DARK REDEEMER’s, they will join the band roster of Music for the Masses Group.

Born out of the ashes of the Bergamo (Italy)-based Death Metal band ALEPH,
DARK REDEEMER will make its debut on September 24th, 2021 with the full length

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An album with 9 old school sick, dark and violent tracks that will satisfy the fans of Obituary, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Dismember, early Entombed and Celtic Frost.

The album will be distributed by Sleaszy Music (USA), Code 7 (Europe),
Wormhole Death Japan, Fans and Bands (Mexico), Egea Music (Italy) and digitally on
all digital music stores.

1 – TMC
2 – Swallow the Cross
3 – Killing Ritual
4 – Christians
5 – Into the Deep Black
6 – The Zombiemarch
7 – Sedibus Indagandis et Causis Morborum
8 – Incubation
9 – Burn under the Blackened Sky (Valley of Death)

Dave Battaglia – vocals, guitar
Manuel Togni – drums
Giulio Gasperini – Keyboards
Antonio Ceresoli – bass

For fans of Autopsy, Dismember and Morbid Angel.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DarkRedeemerMetal/
Buy: https://www.musicforthemassesdistro.com/product/dark-redeemer-into-the-deep-black-2/


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