Lost Reflection - "Trapped In The Net"

Lost Reflection – „Trapped In The Net”

With this 3rd album called „Trapped In The Net”, originally released in 2018 through Hellbones Records, Italian heavy rockers Lost Reflection get into the social network topic, but lyrics move through various thoughts, consolidating a personal but radically hard rock-old school sound.

The Metallica Blacklist (4CD) – € 28.99

10 uncompromising old-school hard & heavy songs for the first time on tape.

„Trapped in The Net” was released in 2018 by underground label Hellbones Records, on July 14 was reissued on tape by TTR.


1. God Of Hate
2. Together As 1
3. Into The Social Network
4. Brand New Love Brand New Life
5. One Night In Your Bed
6. My Promised Land
7. Hollywood Dream
8. Master Of Your Soul
9. Homeless Boy
10. No More Blood

Fabrizio Fulco – vocals, <a href="http://guitars, bass
+ guest musicians

TRENDING – Out today! Centenary – „Death…The Final Frontier”

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