Beyond the Storm Productions are proud to announce the signing of the Italian power metal band DRACONICON to the label. The band’s debut album „Dark Side of Magic” will be released on October 22nd on CD and digital.

A new project, Draconicon, was born from the minds of five musicians located throughout the Italian territory. Their intent was to make Draconicon a fully-fledged power metal project, a mix of dark and gothic atmosphere, the result of the awakening of an Ancient Evil, left forgotten for so long.
In this era, where evil, sickness, ignorance and violence have become proud leaders in the hearts of people and the human race is signing its own death sentence, they are prospering, as our true happiness lies in shadow and sorrow. Draconicon will be the silent blade that gives you the fatal blow in the Dark. An innovative concept in which chaos and madness overcome order and reason.

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The sound of the Draconicon is European-style power metal, inspired by the great masters of the genre with influences ranging from extreme metal to classical music, resulting in a unique timbre that will bring the listener into the dark world of Draconicon. Perfect for fans of Kamelot, Powerwolf, Sabaton, Gloryhammer, Orden Ogan and Arion!

The album features guest vocals by Damna (Elvenking) on the track „A Song of Darkness and Light” and the artwork was created by Dan Godsworthy (Alestorm, Gloryhammer).

Draconicon line-up:
Alex Moth – Guitar, vocals
Grym Hünter – Guitar, vocals
Simon Borgen – Violin, vocals
Manuel D.Ascendent – Drums
Arkanfel – Vocals

„Dark Side of Magic” track listing
01. Principium Tenebris
02. Fiery Rage
03. Dark Side of Magic
04. Blackfire
05. Draconis Theocracy
06. Edge of Power
07. Monsters’ Breakaway
08. Dusk of a Hero
09. Darkspell
10. Necropotence
11. A Song of Darkness and Light (feat. Damna)
12. Symphony of Madness

Link to the music video for „Edge of Power”:

TRENDING – New Music Video “The Light” THE WRING (ft. Marc Bonilla, Bryan Beller, Thomas Lang) + New Album

Link to the music video for „Dark Side of Magic”: https://youtu.be/wSHzkuBK3Xg
Link to the lyric video for „Fiery Rage”: https://youtu.be/MIIioFK-HsM

„Dark Side of Magic” artwork: https://bit.ly/DraconiconAlbumCover
Draconicon band photo: https://bit.ly/DraconiconBandPicture

Draconicon online
Website: www.draconicon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/draconicon.official
Instagram: www.instagram.com/draconicon.official


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