Groove Metal Band WoR Shares New Live Video "Hiraeth - The Asheville Sessions" ft. New Drummer

Groove Metal Band WoR Shares New Live Video „Hiraeth – The Asheville Sessions” ft. New Drummer

Following a year highlighted by postponed tours and the tragedy of living through a global pandemic, North Carolina, USA groove metal warriors WoR announced this past June that they recruited new drummer Dylan Jenkins after parting ways with Hunter Crews.

With upcoming performances at Metal In The Mountains on Aug 28th in Pipestem, West Virginia and Blue Ridge Rock Festival on September 11th in Danville, Virginia plus tour dates in October with Battlecross and The Convalescence, the band entered a hunting cabin in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville, NC to rehearse their set with new W.O.R. member Jenkins who has put his own spin on some of the older material and injected it with new life.

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Perfectly titled „The Asheville Sessions”, the first video from a series of more to be revealed, WoR presents „Hiraeth”, which can be viewed at:

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The band comments:

„During the pandemic, we spent a lot of time behind closed doors working on refining our craft. We worked on old music and wrote a bunch of new music. We decided to film one of these sessions, isolated in a hunting cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, away from the chaos of everyday life. Just the 5 of us jamming”.Throwing in elements of thrash, metalcore, and even hardcore punk, everyone in WoR has taken a different musical path and the variety of influences shows through in the unique and original sound on their debut release “Prisoners”, which is an extremely energetic journey from start to finish. Groovy, raw, and old school, WoR is suitable for all fans of metal especially those with an interest in Machine Head, Sepultura, and Gojira.

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“Prisoners” (released Aug 7, 2020) is available on SpotifyApple MusicAmazonGoogle Play.

Music Videos:
VI Kings – YouTube
Predator – YouTube
Caged – YouTube
Come and Out Play (The Offspring Cover) YouTube

Upcoming Show Dates: 
Aug 28 – Metal In The Mountains – Pipestem, West Virginia
Sept 11 – Blue Ridge Rock Festival – Danville, Virginia
Oct 29 – Rockstar Lounge – Fort Wayne, IN *
Oct 30 – Toledo’s Main Street Bar & Grill – Toledo, OH *
Oct 31 – Diesel Concert Lounge – Chesterfield, MI *
* = w/ Battlecross, The Convalescence, The Breathing Process, Gnarcotix

For more info:

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