Listen to „Filary Szaleństwa”, the latest album from Polish band UnFaced

„Filary Szaleństwa” is the second album from the polish band UnFaced.

In addition to this album, the band released a remastered first album in two languages, a cover album and „the shortest album in the world” as an ep „Filary Szaleństwa” tells stories of famous, masked characters from movies and games. These are stories seen through the eyes of the band. An English version will be available soon.

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Tristan „Trichu” Kłycho – Vocals, Guitars (rhytm)
Daniel „Dante” Gosk – Bass
Mateusz „Buczyfer” Buczek – Drums
Maciej Małek – Guitars (lead)


01 Narodziny Zła (Intro to the album)
02 Terapia Kanibala (The story of Hannibal Lecter)
03 Pokuta (Jigsaw’s story from the movie „Saw”)
04 Efekt Leatherface’a (Leatherface story from „The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)
05 Koszmarna Kołysanka (The story of Freddie from the movie „A Nightmare on Elm Street”)
06 Pech (Jason’s story from „Friday the 13th”)
07 Niebo Nad Moim Piekłem (instrumental)
08 Ciemna Strona (The story of Darth Vader from the „Star Wars” universe)
09 Zgubny Uśmiech (Joker story from the „DC” universe)
10 Toksyczna Symbioza (The story of Venom from the „Marvel” universe)
11 Stan Wiecznego Snu (The story of David Aams from „Vanilla Sky”)
12 Grunt Przyszłości (Story V from the movie „V for Vendetta”)
13 Pod Każdą Maską Kryje Się Idea (Outro)

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19 July 2021 | Self-Released



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