Listen to Xavier Boscher's 13th solo album "Earthscapes"

Listen to Xavier Boscher’s 13th solo album “Earthscapes”

Xavier Boscher’s 13th solo albums, “Earthscapes” is the second part of a tetralogy about elements. The previous part was “Waterscapes” released in November 2020.

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Dragonjazz This is sometimes menacing slow-burning instrumental music with mammoth riffs and hard-driving guitars. But most of the time, Xavier Boscher’s compositions are rich and evocative, characterized by clever arrangements and skilled harmonies. And there are also great dynamic epic tunes (Luminescent Forest, Volcania) with enchanting moments juxtaposed with telluric explosions. Yes, it is ambitious to the core but, luckily, it sounds terrific! Favorite track: Luminescent Forest.

FFO Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Dream Theater and Steve Hackett.

TRENDING – Tears In Void released debut album


1. Road to Happiness
2. Mountain of Spirit
3. Luminescent Forest
4. Carnal Cocoon
5. Sanctuary of Delight
6. Cobalt Blue Tarantula
7. Field of Sapphire
8. Volcania

9 July 2021 | Self-Released | Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock



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