Phil Stiles signs with Trepanation Recordings and announces new album

Phil Stiles signs with Trepanation Recordings and announces new album

Following directly on from the 2020s The Anchorite EP, The Anchorhold sees Final Coil frontman Phil Stiles evolving his sound once again to incorporate elements of post-rock and progressive, alongside the previously established industrial and trip-hop influences that informed the previous EP.

Conceived as a means to maintain a sense of musical community during the various lockdowns of 2020, Phil reached out to a number of his musical peers, drawing together nine musicians from across four countries to create an album that reflects on the enforced isolation that we have all experienced.

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From the UK, Richard Allsopp (Monachopsis) lent his shredding skills to two tracks (I’m Not Done Yet, It Follows Me), while bassists Roger Morter (Pornographic Sunset) and Mark Gatland (Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate / IT) bought their unique talents to the mix on It Follows Me and I’m Not Done Yet respectively. Then there’s acclaimed folk singer Matt Steady, who provided layered vocals for the elegant swirl of The Wanderer. From South Africa, Pauline Silver and Brett Minnie (The Medea Project) added percussion, lyrics and sheets of noise to the industrial grind of Reflections From An Echo Chamber); while, from Poland, Tomek Wolski (S/W, Syndrom.99 / United Colour Of Noise / Jeze) drew on his love of Dead Can Dance to offer up a scintillating bassline for Sleep Take Me. Finally, from the US, Kyle Brandt (Molitoth / A Light Within) offered up a remarkable vocal for the enigmatically-titled C21H22N2O2.

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Listen to C21H22N2O2 now

“A slide into depravity” begins with whispers, accompanied by a kind of church choirs and distorted guitars, wrapping us up in a soft lethargy. The song develops more strongly as the minutes go by, to immerse us in some lyrics that will make us wake up, something really good! Because the music itself leads to that, this manages to get into your head, it’s really incredible.” – Apuesto Al Rock 19/03/2021

“An excellent new sample of a musician as it should be. Committed to his role as a communicator, aware of the time and society that has touched him to live, politically critical, daring and independent in how to deal with this “The Anchorite”. Electronic? Trip-hop? Also. Guitars? Also. But a lot more things. Give him a few listens and use that melon in your head if you don’t want Big Brother to think (even more) about you.” 9/10 – 18/07/2020

“Overall – A morose, but effective EP, ‘TA’ invites serious contemplation of the contents therein, via its carefully cultivated thematic narration and consistent solemn accompaniments. Food for thought, presented in a precisely performed fashion.” 9/10 – Rock Queen Reviews 17/07/2020

“‘The Anchorite’ is everything it promises to be given the circumstances it was written in: introspective, critical and wickedly wintry… PHIL STILES may have a day job as a rock musician, but he could ably carve out a second income from a career in electronic music.” 4/5 – The Independent Voice Ezine 29/06/2020

Even if it is a “simple” ep, The anchorite is the subject of considerable commitment, as demonstrated by the highly effective production… Despite its brevity, The anchorite represents an excellent viaticum for a career to be developed.” – Ver Sacrum 27/06/2020

“I loved this EP. I mean how could I not? It is unique and it draws from so many elements and styles that I love. The whole experience is very well put together and really nails the tone and emotion that they are wanting to deliver.” – Uber Rock 02/06/2020

“The Anchorite” pleased me from start to finish, its tracks complement each other very well, it maintains a linear and creative segment and portrays the seismic change of the society that is occurring, not only in the UK, but around the world…” – Rock Vibrations 01/06/2020

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