MEPHISTO release new video for "The Undivine Blessing"

MEPHISTO release new video for “The Undivine Blessing”

Mephisto just released their new lyric video for ‘The Undivine Blessing’!

Fresh with their latest album “Pentafixion”, Mephisto continues to spew forth their apocalyptic warnings and revel in the knowledge that it’s only just begun.

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Watch The Video Here:

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1. Intro (Enter the Storm)
2. Storming War Anthems
3. Pentafixión
Creation of the Magnificent in III acts
4. Act I: The Birth
5. Act II: Rebellion
6. Act III: The Falling
7. Curse of the Pharaoh
The Rings of Sauron in III parts:
8. Part I: The Mighty Ring
9. Part II: From Hobbiton toward the mountains of Gorgoroth
10. Part III: The Last Battle
11. The Undivine Blessing
12. Yabhe Sabbaoth (King of Nobody)
13. Burning Fantoft

26 March 2021 | Worm Hole Death

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