DANTALION stream their full album "Time to Pass Away", released through Darkwoods

DANTALION stream their full album „Time to Pass Away”, released through Darkwoods

The Galician legends Dantalion are back with Time to Pass Away”, their eighth full-length studio album, and probably their best work in years, eight intense tracks that mean an unquestionably come-back to their primitive black metal sound, rough, powerful and really strong…

Senjutsu (Limited Deluxe 2CD)

2 CD – € 19.99

An album recorded among sanitary lockdowns that also caused the return of Sanguinist to the role of vocalist, in which the band oozes pure negativity and bad vibes, true darkness and despair from the chosen illustration as cover art done by the Russian artist Vergvoktre to the absolutely obscure artwork developed by el dios perezoso, or this brilliant production done by Brais Barreiro…

In addition to its standard edition on jewel case, you can also find a first die-hard pressing of „Time to Pass Away” limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on a fantastic oversized digifile with cardboard slipcase and extended artwork, plus a very limited collector’s edition on a cardboard box with exclusive extras.

Order your copy now at the Darkwoods webstore: https://darkwoods.eu/webstore/en/band/dantalion

Sanguinist: Vocals
Netzja: Guitars
Vorgh: Guitars
natnoF: Bass
Naemoth: Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brais Barreiro in the first quarter of 2021 at B2V Studios (Spain).
Produced by Brais Barreiro and Dantalion.

FFO Forgotten Tomb (old), Shining, Katatonia (old), Bethleheim (old), Svart, Ondskapt

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1. The Call
2. The Relentless Shadow
3. Gate to an Eternal Doom
4. Time to Close the Circle
5. Constant Mourning Process
6. The Mischievous Faces
7. From Suffering to Oblivion
8. From Consciousness to the Grave

31 July 2021 via Darkwoods

Bandcamp: dantalion.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dantalion.metalband
Youtube: www.youtube.com/dantalionband
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dantalion_official

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