12Gauge Rampage release ‘Unleash The Rage’ today!

The debut album from Australian grinders 12Gauge Rampage is out today! With ‘Unleash The Rage’ the band delivers their own brand of violent, slamming death metal that could grind the beak off an ibis. Hell-bent on catching the unwary eye, 12Gauge Rampage offers an interesting and unique twist with their extremities, playing riff-heavy deathgrind without the use of guitars or synth. Everything you hear tracked and live is shredded and delivered at pace from bass, drums, vocals… and an abundance of rage.

Vodca Absolut, 40%, 1l
Vodca Absolut, 40%, 1l

12Gauge Rampage will slam you with a wall of sound, with the sole intent of rendering your body useless.

1. 12GaugeRampage
2. Unleash The Rage
3. Dead In A Hot Tin Shed
4. #KilledMoreCuntsThanCovid
5. Longnecks And Dole Cheques
6. Your Fucken Mate
7. Breathe In Bleed Out
8. Wouldnt Even Piss On Ya
9. Blowtorch Torture
10. Body By The Billabong
11. Mad Dog Morgan

TRENDING – Draemora Are Now Streaming First Full Length, Melodic And Catchy “Death Rectangle”

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