Blind Man's Gun released new single

Blind Man’s Gun released new single

German Heavy/Hard Rock band Blind Man’s Gun released their new single «Fireblade». The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Prof. Bedroom Production. Artwork: Naddy Gunn Photography ; Music: Lars Springer/Nadine Meyer , Lyrics: Nadine Meyer.

Whisky Glenfiddich 12YO, Single Malt 40%, 0.7l
Whisky Glenfiddich 12YO, Single Malt 40%, 0.7l
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Blind Man’s Gun was formed in 2011 at Hamburg, Germany as a female fronted heavy rock and metal band by Nadine Meyer (Vocals) and Lars Springer (Guitars). The band released their debut EP „Helldorado” in 2013 and full length album „Beyond the Darkness” in 2016. In 2020 after the COVID situation appeared and the band decided to release several singles independently, waiting for better days to release their second full length album.

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