SEAR BLISS // EvergreeD // Olympus Mons Live în Quantic București

SEAR BLISS // EvergreeD // Olympus Mons Live în Quantic București

🔱 Sear Bliss ⚡️ EvergreeD ⚡️ Olympus Mons 🔱
* Evenimentul se organizează respectând toate normele în vigoare la data la care are loc acesta. Regulile de participare vor fi anunțate și completate pe masură ce se vor anunța public.

🎫 Bilete:
✅ 55 lei – acces general – presale – până pe 28.08.2021 inclusiv -> https://bit.ly/3BfvRUr
⭕️ 70 lei – acces general – doar în ziua evenimentului, 29.08.2021

🔱 Sear Bliss [Black Metal] / [HU] -> https://www.facebook.com/searblissband
One of the few Hungarian metal acts recognized and credited worldwide – have always been the wanderer of untrodden paths since their foundation: the band combines dark, atmospheric metal with brass instruments.

Psihologie.Idei Fundamentale
Psihologie.Idei Fundamentale

The band was founded in 1993 and they were the first extreme metal band in the Hungarian underground signed by a Western European label.
After the critically acclaimed The Pagan Winter demo tape (1995), the debut album (Phantoms) was released by Mascot Records / II Moons. Phantoms was voted for Album of the Month by Netherlands’ biggest metal magazine Aardschok (for the first time for a black metal in the history of the magazine). Still today, 22 years later Phantoms is credit as one of the best Hungarian metal albums ever by Recorder Magazine in their home country. The second album The Haunting was also a great success, lifting the band’s perspective to a higher level. Sear Bliss have never stopped in their 26 years career, continously producing albums, always changing, never releasing the same album under a different title. The band made several European tours and worked with such great record labels as British Candlelight Records. In 2016 Sear Bliss signed to the well-known Dutch metal label Hammerheart Records. The highly acclaimed 8th album entitled Letters from the Edge saw the light of day in the summer of 2018. More than 26 years after the birth of the band, Sear Bliss still showing the same energy and enthusiasm – after an eventful period with many shows and summer festivals in 2018 and 2019, the band is currently working on new songs.

Sear Bliss:
András Nagy: vocals, bass, keyboards
Zoltán Pál: trombone
Gyula Csejtei: drums, Zoltán Vigh: guitars
Attila Kovács: guitars
Discography: 1995: The Pagan Winter (Demo) 1996: Phantoms (Mascot / Two Moons) 1997: The Pagan Winter / In the Shadow of Another World (Mascot / Two Moons) 1998: The Haunting (Mascot / Two Moons) 2001: Grand Destiny (Nephilim / Red Stream) 2002: Forsaken Symphony (Red Stream) 2004: Glory and Perdition (Red Stream) 2005: Decade of Perdition DVD (Red Stream) 2007: The Arcane Odyssey (Candlelight Records) 2012: Eternal Recurrence (Candlelight Records) 2018: Letters from the Edge (Hammerheart Records)

🔱 EVERGREED [Death Metal] / [RO] -> https://www.facebook.com/evergreed
The band was established on March 27, 1998, approaching the melodic death metal style with At The Gates and In Flames influences. In the same year, Evergreed performs festivals such as Young Rock for Youngs in Piatra Neamt and Constelatii Rock in Râmnicu Vâlcea. Two demos are recorded with the initial line-up. The last show takes place in August 2001 at the Cavalcada Fagaras Festival where an instrumental version of the pieces is performed.

TRENDINg – Limp Bizkit are înregistrate 35 de melodii instrumentale pentru albumul Disco Elephants

Between 2001 and 2007 the band experimented with their own songs in Romanian, in a heavy metal manner, releasing a demo and a single. Live acts during this period meant performing the Sfântu Gheorghe festival in 2002, the bikers’ annual festivals in Sibiu and various gigs in clubs.
Boke’s arrival in the band in 2010 marks the return to death metal. Live shows become much more frequent, and in 2012 there is a demo recording of the successful tracks of the rebirthed band for 3 guitars arrangement. The band shows itself to the public in Braşov at Rockstadt club and attends the Artmania Festival in Sibiu, and in 2013 and 2014 they qualify for the Wacken Metal Battle Romania semifinals in Cluj Napoca.

In addition, the band releases a new composition and performs recitals at the Rock’N’Iasi Festivals, Barock Fest Petrosani, Gugulan Rock Caransebes. In 2015 the band released its first video (Volant Voland) and plays Maris Fest. The year 2016 brings a new single with lyrics-video (Viral Hate Contamination), concerts in Petrosani and Rockstadt Braşov club. In the middle of 2016, the band co-opted a new bass player, and in 2017 the band had a concert the Servus Transilvania Fest. The year 2018 starts with a series of concerts with E-an-na band in Sibiu, Craiova, Rm. Valcea and Bucharest. Early May 2018 brings Wacken Metal Battle final, where the band accomplished the second place. At the same time, it started collaborating with drummer Doru Gheorghiţă from Cluj, known for appearances with domestic bands but also from Ireland, Germany, and even Japan. In July, the band performs in front of a large audience at the Sibiu Sounds festival. The year 2019 brings a new single Youth of Damnation, as well as the live release of a new track, Forest of Thorns.

🔱 OLYMPUS MONS [Doom / Death Metal] / [RO] https://www.facebook.com/olympusmonsofficialband
Olympus Mons is a doom / death metal band formed in 2019 in Bucharest, Romania, with Alex Toderasc, Cristi Lincu, Cristi Filipescu, Victor Frunza and Antonia Plesca as founding members. The band launched its first album, HEALER, only two years after its inception, under the guidance of Mark Mynett. HEALER was recorded just after Olympus Mons won the grand prize at Posada Rock 2020 and features Aaron Stainthorpe from My Dying Bride and Stacey Gaunt from Plague of Angels on several tracks. In just three years, Olympus Mons has become a true rising star for the modern doom metal genre, though all OM compositions are a melange of many musical styles – from classical to metal – and personal musical journeys of each of its five members

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