Parasitic Entity - "The Self-Aggrandising Lie"

Parasitic Entity – „The Self-Aggrandising Lie”

Technical Death Metal from UK.

PARASITIC ENTITY is a Technical/Progressive Death Metal duo formed between guitarist Joe Potts and vocalist Liam McKeown who’d played together in various other bands during their time at university. Their debut full-length comes by way of inspiration from technical death metal bands like Obscura, The Faceless and Archspire yet their distinguishing factor is to balance this level of technicality with well-thought-out melodies and hooks. Incorporating long and unusual song structures also results from inspiration from Opeth and Gorguts.

‘The Self-Aggrandising Lie’ was recorded during the U.K.’s first period of lockdown within the duos shared flat, with guitarist Joe also recording bass and programming the drums. They then released the album digitally on Bandcamp in late October of 2020. This limited CD release will be the first physical edition of the album. Lyrical themes for the album include: „Anti-establishment beliefs, confronting the realities of modern existence, frustration at the lack of control we have, and how The Lord of the Rings’ Treebeard is as fed up with it as we are.”

PARASITIC ENTITY are currently putting together a full lineup in the hopes of playing live,
as well as writing material for a follow-up release.

Liam McKeown – Vocals
Joe Potts – Guitar, Bass, Programmed Drums

Mixed by Joe Potts
Mastered by Wynter Prior
Artwork by Phaedrus Byskou
Logo by Icis Jan Alverdo

For fans of Martyr, Inferi, Archspire


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