HEAVY HIGHWAY reveal album title, cover and first single

HEAVY HIGHWAY reveal album title, cover and first single

Cluj-Napoca, Romania based Proto Heavy Metal band HEAVY HIGHWAY reveal the title and cover of their debut full-length album. Wires will feature 6 tracks and is scheduled for a Summer/Autumn release via Loud Rage Music, and the first single taken off of it is Burning, now streaming here:

TRENDING – Thy Veils lansează The Vibrant Decennary, antologie Live 2010-2020

Here’s what Razvan, the man behind HEAVY HIGHWAY had to say about the album: “The band is pleased to announce you that the recording and the mastering of the first album is finally done! The album is going to be called “Wires“, it features 6 tracks and I have to say I’m pretty satisfied of the final result, considering the problems encountered during the process.
I would like to thank my good friend Cucerzan Florin for helping me out with the recording, also Buhatel Ovidiu and Cristian Buhatel, and everyone who supported the band and still keeps on doing it.”

HEAVY HIGHWAY is a Romanian Heavy Metal band started in September 2014 by Razvan Ovidiu Preja, after his experiences in Italy with previous bands HI-GH and Hastighed. The band name was chosen, in fact, to unite the two „H”s from the previous bands so Razvan considered that HEAVY HIGHWAY was the most suitable name in this sense.

After a year activating as trio in Tarnaveni with brothers Florin and Tiberiu Cucerzan from the band Autograf and releasing 2 independent EPs, Razvan decides to move to Cluj-Napoca and HEAVY HIGHWAY, at this point, becomes a one-man studio band.

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