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Digital / Jewel-case CD, July 1st, 2021
 Old-School Hellenic Black Metal from Greece

Debut album by Greek duo ELDINGAR. Traditional Hellenic Black Metal from fans of Varathron, Necromantia and Rotting Christ. ELDINGAR‘s compositions are complete with Folk, Thrash and Death Metal influences, making it a proud and honorable purveyor of that organic, personal and original Greek Black Metal

EP, Digital / Jewel-case MCD, May 28th, 2021
 100% Old-School Death Metal from Hungary

Debut EP from this Hungarian super-group made of musicians with extensive experience in the local underground scene. 100% Traditional Death Metal, no compromise!

Full-length, Digital / Jewel-case CD, April 25, 2021
 Melancholic Black Metal from Romania

Second full-length by this band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a serious step up from their debut album, Cern Sol.
33:33 min. of Melancholic Black Metal with heavy Post Black Metal and Neo-Folk influences

Eastern European Discontent (video):

Full-length, Digital / Jewel-case CD, Loud Rage Music, January 11, 2021
12″Vinyl , Loud Rage Music, February 15, 2021
 Post / Sludge / Black Metal from Romania

Long-awaited and highly-anticipated second full-length album by KULTIKA, one of the first Romanian Post Metal bands. Musically speaking, KULTIKA‘s horizon broadened into long instrumental passages, experimenting with a 70’s progressive and psychedelic infusion into the band’s classic roots of Post / Sludge / Black Metal, gathering in the end a strange and hermetic mix-up that has its own style.

Building Nothingness Inside Faith (single):

The new album by the Romanian black metal band Akral Necrosis, their third overall and their first full-length in four years, is a narrative of more than an hour in length. Entitled The Greater Absence, it follows an ambitious, ignorant protagonist in his pathetic yet hazardous quest “to reveal the mysteries of the unseen and the afterlife”. Certain parts of the exposition were inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s 1968 legendary film Vargtimmen (“Hour of the Wolf”), and it further includes a guest appearance by the young Romanian poet David Topala, with an unpublished poem that is reproduced in fragments on three of the album’s tracks.

Listen online:

EP, Digipak CD, Loud Rage Music, September 16, 2020
Occult Black Metal from Romania

New EP from one of the most important Romanian Black Metal bands, Nebuisa features 4 long tracks of unconventional and intricate Black Metal; inventive songwriting and superior musicianship collide towards a multi-faceted type of Black Metal Ordinul Negru used its followers with

Listen online:

Digital EP, Loud Rage Music, August 28, 2020
Black Death Metal from Romania / Germany

 New EP from this mysterious International project featuring members from Night in Gales and Protest Urban, this time with a special guest for female vocals.

Listen online:

EP, Jewel-case CD & Digipak CD, Pest Records / Neverheard Distro, July 26th, 2020
Doom Black Metal from Hungary

 OMASS is a more complex yet more solid effort compared to the band’s debut EP. It contains 4 tracks in 21 minutes with material written between 2012 and 2015.
All the songs are connected to Death in certain ways: Phosphorous Blaze is about a passed Hungarian practice, Remnants deals with the relation between nature and man, Greatest of All Shadows is crafted of an apocalyptic vision, The Grey Feast praises the Bacchian cult of Autumn.
Each piece is accompanied by a separate artwork, drawn by the Greek/German artist ikosidio, just as the front cover.

Listen online:

EP, Jewel-case CD, Pest Records, June 29th, 2020
Cosmic Melodic Death Metal from Mexico/USA

 Phobos Monolith is a Cosmic Melodic Death Metal band that was started in 2018 by guitarist and primary song writer Pedro Vela in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamulipas. Together with Victor Tellez and Willy Tovar on drums and lead guitar respectively, they pieced together a live band that draws influences from 90’s era melodic death doom metal. With the recruitment of Eliseo Lara on bass and vocal duty the lineup became a complete unit.

Phobos Monolith combines all of the vast musical elements that are reminiscent of bands such as Amorphis, Tiamat, Katatonia, Anathema, Edge of Sanity, Paradise Lost and many more, while the lyrical themes explore the natural phenomena of space-time and the multiverse through a collection of existentialist introspection.

Listen online:

Full-length CD, Loud Rage Music, April 11th, 2020
Post Black Metal from Romania

 Váthos started in the fall of 2017, based in Bucharest. The evolution period of their style with elements from atmospheric post black, melodic death metal with a diverse influence of sub-genres from the extreme side of music, resulting in a mixture of melody and aggression as they start to define their own sound in such a short time span. Music which caches the listener’s attention in the underground scene following by two years of concerns under their belt, in Romania. 
The 8 tracks material was recorded at Studio148 ( with Marius Costache.

Curse of Apathy (official video):

Full-length CD, Pest Records, April 6th, 2020
Heavy Metal from Germany

 Ex-Destillery vocalist Florian Reimann returns after a 15 years long hiatus with Command The Machyne.
Back in 2017 – after a 15 year hiatus – ex-Destillery golden throat Florian Reimann clashed together with the mighty Sasch Machyne (Saintsbleed, ex-SteelshockHighway Killer), and together they found an unbelievable chemistry, both had the same passion and attitude.
Soon they teamed up with Highway Killer axeman Reaper Ulrich & Americayne‘s Vince Icopro on bass & drums and finally started the era of COMMAND THE MACHYNE!

Listen online:

Full-length CD, Loud Rage Music, October 14th, 2019
Doom Dark Jazz from Romania

 KATHAROS XIII‘s third opus, Palindrome, is made of five long tracks that shifted from the traditional Depressive Black Metal into a more eclectic art form of expression with Dark Doom Metal and Post-Jazz elements, a certain evolution into a more personal unearthly ambiance that represent a new path in the journey that this band embarked more than twelve years ago. The same paranoia and weirdness but with different tools this time.

Listen online:

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