Rockshots Records: Infernalizer New Music Video "Leave A Scar" + New Album "The Ugly Truth" Out Now!

Rockshots Records: Infernalizer New Music Video „Leave A Scar” + New Album „The Ugly Truth” Out Now!

Infernalizer, a horror-filled creature conceived and brought to life by the creative mind of Claudio Ravinale, best known as the vocalist of Italian death metal veterans Disarmonia Mundi, shares his latest music video “Leave A Scar” from the debut album “The Ugly Truth” released this past February via Rockshots Records.

Music Video “Leave A Scar”:

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Heavily influenced by 80’s metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Danzig, and Claudio Ravinale’s new project Infernalizer relies on the use of gloomy keys and eerie samples, paying homage to more somber gothic rock acts like Type O Negative and The Sisters Of Mercy. Vocally closer to contemporary acts like Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13, the range of influences also includes evocative cinematographic soundscapes that provide Infernalizer’s songs with a more solemn and nocturnal atmosphere.

The album “The Ugly Truth” is 10 tracks to take fans on a roller coaster ride into band founder Claudio Ravinale’s own horror-themed amusement park. Providing a modern take on the concept of heavy metal, the full-length features crooning vocals alternated with more harsh yet still melodic tones along with added layers of evocative keys and samples for a solid foundation deeply rooted in an 80s metal sound.

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“I’m a child of the 80s that loves horror movies. So as soon as I started to think about how this band was going to sound I really tried to focus on my main influences, the music I’ve grown up with and tried to filter all these influences giving them a more actual approach. To me, this record is like a Nightmare On Elm Street movie made music: there’s the horror part but without forgetting the lighthearted approach.” adds Ravinale.

The album was produced by NeroArgento at AExeron Studio (Turin, IT) and mastered at Sterling Sound Studio (Nashville, TN) by legendary Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Guns N’ Roses, Korn, Pantera, Alice In Chains).

“The Ugly Truth” is available on the following platforms:
Apple Music:

Music Video – Leaving So Soon? –
Lyric Video – The Ugly Truth – 

Track Listing:
1. Night Shift (3:11)
2. The Outsider (3:50)
3. Leaving So Soon (3:46)
4. In Retrospect (3:09)
5. Cruel Intentions (4:05)
6. The Ugly Truth (3:31)
7. In This World Or The Next (3:38)
8. Leave A Scar (2:49)
9. I Don’t Wanna Be Me (3:50)
10. Autumn Of Terror (3:50)
Album Length: 35:43

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