Draemora Are Now Streaming First Full Length, Melodic And Catchy “Death Rectangle”

Draemora Are Now Streaming First Full Length, Melodic And Catchy “Death Rectangle”

Draemora, from Seattle, USA has already been catching ears with their debut EP “Awakening” released in 2020 and are following it up this year with a full-length “Death Rectangle”. Another offering that was written and recorded when the world was upside down, Draemora made use of their time to focus on going in a different direction.

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“Death Rectangle” has a lot more depth than the previous work, the band claims that has to do with the growing cohesiveness that comes with being together for over a year at this point. They also mention that this time around they were able to slow down and let everything come together, try out parts in the practice space a lot and make changes based on how they sounded performed to shorten the gap between live and studio performance. They continue to explain:

“With the upcoming release of “Death Rectangle”, we are super excited to see how it is received! A lot of work has been put into it and we truly believe that the efforts will be recognized in the music. As we’ve continued working together, the songwriting quality has greatly improved and we feel this will be a great chance for everyone to see what the next chapter of Draemora has in store for them!”

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This album is completely DIY with all the recordings done in Terry Jenkins’ home studio including the mixing and mastering. The band cites that two major influences for this album are Lamb of God’s “Ashes of the Wake” and Whitechapel’s last release “The Valley”. 

What’s next for Draemora is live gigs with tour dates in July and August with Hed PE and another full length hopefully for next year. Exciting and rhythmic, they are recommended for fans of Periphery, Architects and Spiritbox.

The album “Death Rectangle” is now streaming here:

The full album “Death Rectangle” comes out on June 18, 2021.
CD pre-order here.
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Tour Dates: Draemora w/ Hed PE
July 23 – Backstage Bar & Billiards – Las Vegas NV
July 24 – Liquid Joe’s – Salt Lake City, UT
July 25 – Mesa Theatre – Grand Junction, CO
July 27 – Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO
July 28 – The Royal Grove – Lincoln, NE
July 29 – The Back Bar – Janesville, WI
July 30 – The Forge – Joliet, IL
July 31 – Diesel Concert Lounge – Chesterfield, MI
August 1 – Music Factory – Battle Creek, MI
August 3 – Red Flag (prev. Fubar) – St Louis, MO
August 4 – Club 1175 – Kansasville, WI
August 5 – Hobart Art Theatre – Hobart, IN
August 6 – Rockstar Lounge – Ft. Wayne, IN

Track Listing:
1. The Cleansing (6:06)
2. Slaves Until Death (4:44)
3. Death Rectangle (4:19)
4. Requiem (3:23)
5. What You’ve Become (5:00)
6. Gouge Out My Eyes (3:57)
7. Blood Moon (3:34)
8. Screaming Into the Void (3:56)
9. Metacognitive (4:08)
10. Victorious (3:36)
Album Length: 43:18
For more info:

– 30 – 

“On this new album, DRAEMORA has truly explored an evolution from their previous release.” -Metal Temple

“Washington state groovedjentcore specialists…” – Metal Bulletin

“Fans of contemporary groove sounds should find something to like in this heaviness in the strings and in the growling, in the energy of it all, and there is also singing, which adds a melodic element to the toughness of their style. Here in Washington state, their name is getting some traction. Maybe the simplicity of the heaviness connects with listeners, perhaps is the core music stylings, too. Listen for yourself, and see.” – Metal Bulletin

“Death Rectangle shows a band that certainly knows how to hit the right notes in the musical-technical field.” – Amped Up

“complete with catchy riffs, strong drums, and an easy-to-learn chorus Death Rectangle is sure to be sung at live shows. The band is really finding its sound with this release; their chemistry is evident and will undoubtedly only get better from here.” – Territorio Rock

“Draemora’s new EP Awakening is a 17 minute melodic death metal piece with more twists and turns than your average M. Night Shyamalan movie. This is a band that doesn’t stick to the tradition melo-death sounds, instead looking to incorporate some clean singing, some progressive sections and some experimental sounds… This is an EP that incorporates many different sounds, but doesn’t have any filler… A very unique debut release from Draemora.” – Metal Injection (Review Awakening EP 2020)

“‘Guilt’ features the band’s penchant for mixing their brutal modern metal with glorious rock melodies! Think of a sound that meshes Gojira, Alien Weaponry, Faith No More, and the more recent era of Lamb of God, and you might begin to understand the group!” – Ghost Cult Mag (Review Awakening EP 2020)

“In this playthrough of their song “Guilt” we see Terry from Draemora ripping away with his Fender Telecaster. His tele is loaded with a single EMG 57 and he’s boosting that guy with an Ibanez TS9 going directly into his Mesa. The deadly tone of the 2-channel and a heavy rhythm hand are such a great combo.” – Gear Gods (Review Awakening EP 2020)

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