Scream Along With Kill The Imposter’s New Lyric Video For “Mace” Off “The Violence Sessions”

Florida’s Kill The Imposter has a new lyric video out for their single “Mace”, giving a glimpse into the upcoming violent, angst-filled EP “The Violence Sessions”, the third release from KTI, following 2019’s “The Decimation” and 2020 “A Strain Of Agony”.

Lyrically “The Violence Sessions” comes from a place of frustration and overall redemption for those frustrations. Highlighting world issues and also very close-to-home relationship problems. KTI truly hope the fans feel something powerful enough to move them. Guitarist Danny Arrieta shares the method in the madness:

Regatul - Jo Nesbo
Regatul – Jo Nesbo

“The lyrics drive home all the rage and anger I pour into the music to create this wave of violence that washes over you and needs release”. 

Vocalist Johnny Nobody adds:

“I think the whole idea of KTI is to create something that forces a response. We like to provoke movement or thought. If it’s violent (moshing) then so be it. So as far as music affecting me lyrically I would say that if I can’t control my head from banging I would write something that accompanies that. I do write to the music as opposed to writing before I hear the song. I may jot down a phrase or something I can build off of but mostly it’s the music the affects my mood.”

KTI members have come from local and national acts with large followings and have come together as an apocalypse captured in a bottle – ready to be unleashed. They work collaboratively, steel sharpening steel, to produce a violent yet tight sound that demands attention and movement.

Brutal and raw, KTI makes no apologies with their brand of deathcore and is recommended listening for fans of Emmure, Thy Art is Murder, and Dealer.

The lyric video for “Mace” can be seen on YouTube:

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“The Violence Sessions” comes out on May 28, 2021.
Singles available on Spotify and Apple Music 

Previous music videos:
“Dongan Hills” – 
“Mace” – 
“Suffer Alone” –

Upcoming Dates:
May 28 – Cocoa, FL – The Crying Monk (Album release show)
Aug 20 – Winter Park, FL – The Haven Lounge – Central Florida Metal Fest w/ The Convalescence, The Crowned
Sept 5 – 9 – Danville, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Festival
Sept 26 – Orlando, FL – Rebel Rock Fest w/ Rise Against, The Used, Sevendust, All That Remains, Emmure, Miss May I, Suicide Silence, Islander
Sept 28 – Lake Odessa, MI – At The Race Track Fest w/ The Convalescence

Track Listing:
1. Broken Crown (2:36)
2. Dongan Hills (3:35)
3. Evil Ways (3:11)
4. False Prophet (3:33)
5. Mace (3:02)
6. Suffer Alone (3:46)
7. Unfit Coward ft. Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer) (2:30)
EP Length: 22:17

For more info:

Kill The Imposter is an Orlando, USA-based deathcore band that was formed in late 2018. Pulling musical inspiration from everywhere, the intention of this four-piece band is to make you move in any capacity you see fit. 

Coming from local and national bands, Kill The Imposter brings experience, drive, and mayhem, to the stage. The quartet banded together over a shared love for heavy and violent music, after sharing the stage for one song they knew they had something special, so they sat down together and within a week had 3 songs written and a video lined up. They haven’t stopped since that first sit down, and they won’t stop.

One of the founding members Danny Arrieta (guitar) is the primary music writer getting help with arrangement by Johnny Nobody (vocals). Nick Colvin (drums) carries the aggressive speed and heavy grooves with Wilson Bembry ( bass) definitely sharing and blending the thundering lows and technical playing between all of it.

Since they got together, Kill The Imposter has released “The Decimation” (2019), “A Strain Of Agony” (2020) and “The Violence Sessions” (2021). They have pummeled the stages of Central Florida Metal Fest and Tampa DeathFest and played alongside heavy hitters such as Nile and Terrorizer.

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