MAITREYA Shares Black Mirror Inspired Psychedelic Progressive Video “Pilgrim”

Canadian progressive metalcore outfit Maitreya will be unleashing their upcoming full-length “Hyper Reels” this coming June 2021. The sophomore album boasts a higher degree of musical complexity, filthy breakdowns and a wider range on the vocals ebbing from melodic cleans into sustained growls set to a whirlwind of complicated riffs. The record is a heavily layered listening experience, a cacophony of styles, merging together to create an intense wall of sound that forces you to pay attention to all the subliminal notes and tempo changes. 

To date, they have shared three singles “Summit”, “Departed” and “Catalyst” and today they are ready to present their next track in preview of the forthcoming album.

Casti audio Bluetooth A+ SBG1, Negru
Casti audio Bluetooth A+ SBG1, Negru

Similar to previously revealed singles that were inspired by the well-known TV show and movies, “Pilgrim” came to light after guitarist Mark Wylie’s viewing of a Black Mirror episode. 

“Pilgrim has one of the more broad scoped lyrics concepts in the album. It talks about social trends and the kind of philosophy which organizes our society, which came to mind after seeing an episode of Black Mirror. Our society is organized in a way that leads many to feel imprisoned and trapped within the social norms and systemic structures that exist. This song seeks to emulate both the feelings of imprisonment, as well as a more positive vision for our collective societal future.” adds Wylie.

The music video itself is visually progressive and psychedelic with a calming audio experience until towards the end of the track, you get a beautiful djent breakdown along with an unleashed rapture from vocalist Matt Cutrara.

The music video for “Pilgrim” can be viewed here:

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Spotify here.

“Hyper Reels” is out on June 25, 2021 and is recommended for fans of The Contortionist, Between the Buried and Me, and Protest the Hero.

Album pre-save here.

Previous Singles:
Music Video “Summit” 
Music Video “Catalyst” –
Song Stream “Departed” – 

Track Listing:
1. Catalyst (7:23)
2. Departed (6:04)
3. Radical (5:31)
4. Summit (4:31)
5. Invaders (6:18)
6. Bloom (4:26)
7. Pilgrim (4:44)
8. Flesh Engine (4:31)
9. Hyper Reels (0:57)
10. Iswara (4:27)
Album Length: 48:56

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Matt McCabe – Guitar
Steve McMillan – Drums
Matt Cutrara – Vocals
Lyam Morrison – Bass
Mark Wylie – Guitar

For more info:

– 30 – 

„We’re always on the hunt for interesting new metal bands, and Canada’s Maitreya certainly qualifies. The band’s newest single, “Catalyst”, treads familiar progressive metal territory – think vocals similar to Leprous and instrumentation akin to older BTBAM – but rest assured it sounds fresh.” – New Fury Media

„Ambitious and aggressive, Canada’s Maitreya break boundaries from the beginning with Departed. Heavy, contemporary metal chords are underscored by droning, chorusing vocals, but blink and you’ll miss them as Maitreya soon change direction to a growling verse pandemonium. Their riffing is adventurous and deadly, cutting through weighty, rolling rhythms and movements.” – Jace Media

“Their musical abilities were astounding, and I believe they could have been each individually the most technically capable with their instruments of those performing that night.” – Metal Master Kingdom
„Lead-heavy, yet at the same time musically complex, Maitreya’s music is sonic baptism, taking the listener from the fire pits to the icy peaks. The band’s self-titled album weaves an intricate melodic narrative, where both headbanging metal-heavy riffs and reflective vocal lines co-exist in the vortex of sonic alchemy, presented to the listener in its raw, unfiltered elemental form.” – Dentata Music 

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