Till Lindemann a lansat o piesă solo, intepretată la pian și în limba rusă

Vocalistul Rammstein, Till Lindemann a lansat o piesă solo interpretatpă în pricipiu la pian și în limba rusă, intitulată „Любимый город,” iar traducerea ar fi „Orașul preferat”. Ciudata lansare a avut loc joi (22 aprilie).

Nu este clar dacp piesa este unică sau face parte dintr-un viitor album, așa cum ar fi raportat Metal Hammer. De asemenea, nu este clar dacă single-ul poate fi atribuit lui Till Lindemann sau proiectului Lindemann ce era o colaborare cu intrumentistul și compozitorul sudez Peter Tagtgren.

Rom Dictator 12 YO, 40%, 0.7L
Comandă la cel mai bun preț – Rom Dictator 12 YO, 40%, 0.7L

Această piesă este o cumva o colaborare – cu toate că acesti colaboratori nu mai sunt în viață. Conform clipului, versurile melodiei sunt ale poeților sovietici Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky și Nikita Bogoslovsky.

Orașul favorit” este cu siguranță o curiozitate atât pentru fanii Rammstein cât și pentru fanii Lindemann.

TRENDING – Cine a fost cu adevărat Freddie Mercury?

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KORN a terminat de scris noul album

Iată și niște știri bune în ultima perioadă – Korn a terminat de compus noul album. Frontmanul Jonathan Davis a confirmat către Kerrang! că următorul album de dupa „The Nothing ” (2019) a fost scris în timpul pandemiei.

Tohmai am terminat de scris un albumDavis spune entuziasmat. „A fost puțin complicat deoarece colegii de trupă sunt împrăștiați în diferite părți ale Californiei și Nashville, dar am reusit să facem treaba să meargă.”

Poeta X
Comandă la cel mai bun preț – Poeta X
Elizabeth Acevedo

„Este o minune că am reușit să ne strângem cu toții împreună să facem orice. Trebuie să planificăm totul! Sunt sigur că mai sunt o groază de trupe care vor lansa muzică nouă. Între timp ar fi tare să cântăm live și să ne distrăm”

Distracția” la care se referă Davis este un livestream, urmat de o serie de concerte și festivaluri atât în Europa cât și în SUA. Turneul alături de System of a Down și Faith No More va începe în octombrie.

TRENDING – Tot ce trebuie sa stii despre formatia Deftones

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Reality Grey Guitarist Anto Addabbo Shares The Power of Shred In “Multidimensional Hollow” Playthrou

Reality Grey has been making their rounds through the Italian metal scene since 2004, spending many years touring Europe and playing alongside bands such as Deicide and Municipal Waste along with three well-received full-lengths under their belts. This coming May 7th, they will be adding a new album “Beneath This Crown” to their legacy.

Until they can hit the stage again, Reality Grey hopes that “Beneath This Crown” will tide over fans with its aggressive, melodic vocals and razor-sharp guitar solos. According to them, the creative process for this release has been very meticulous and nothing has been left to chance. On this offering, the music has affected the lyrics; there is a lot of anger and a bit of sadness. 

Over these last few months, in lead up to the album’s release, they have unveiled a few singles; one of those is the very melodic and complexMultidimensional Hollow”, which features fast guitar solos and an epic finale.

TRENDING – AS WE SUFFER’s New Single „Concrete Fist” Is A Knuckle Fury of Hardcore Groove; New Album April 30th

Guitarist Anto Addabbo describes his thoughts on the track:

“When I wrote this song I was listening to a lot of sci-fi soundtracks from movies and I think it influenced how the track came together at the end, it has different feels throughout its length. Lyrically the song is about the struggle to succeed in life. Things don’t always go like you hope they will and not everyone knows how to cope with failure.”

Born in 1979, Anto Addabbo is a guitar player, songwriter, arranger, producer, and performer led into the music scene by pure passion and commitment.

Known as a vanguard of the Italian metal scene for his passionate and technical guitar technique, blending his love for the aggression of metal with the melodic phrasing of rock/fusion, Anto Addabbo is the founder of modern metal powerhouse Reality Grey, being now an endorsed artist for popular brands like Jackson Guitars, EMG Pickups, and MooerAudio.

From their debut in 2006, Reality Grey has enjoyed success as a ‘Modern Extreme Metal’ band, an assessment they both appreciate and challenge as they quest to define and pioneer their own signature sound in the metal scene.

Release after release, Reality Grey has proven to be a tight five-piece able to break the melodic death metal dogmas, producing a challenging and inviting hybrid of modern metal in its pure form: melody, brutal and complex.

Recommended for fans of As I Lay Dying, Scar Symmetry, and Lamb of God, “Beneath This Crown” will be out via Blood Blast Distribution, powered by Nuclear Blast as of May 7, 2021.

Album pre-save – https://backl.ink/144305702 

Previous Videos:
Powerblast – https://youtu.be/s3pSFUFZzSI 
Multidimensional Hollow – https://youtu.be/4hDxsTop8Fs 
Daybreakers – https://youtu.be/spOgWpdGcwY   
The Void – https://youtu.be/nUnldMsfKDA
The Fury – https://youtu.be/hFEyqEh00Os

Track Listing:
1. Legion (Intro) (1:51)
2. Fade In Fear (4:44)
3. Kings Of Nothing (5:18)
4. Preachers Of Hatred (4:05)
5. Daybreakers (5:37)
6. Powerblast (4:09)
7. Multidimensional Hollow (4:16)
8. The Fury (4:01)
9. Dreaming (Feat. Milly Florio from End Of Skyline) (5:13)
10. Reascent (4:01)
11. Beneath This Crown (5:28)
12. Indelible Stains (3:39)
13. The Void (4:34)
Album Length: 57:03
For more info:

Reality Grey is supported by the Programmazione Puglia Sounds Record – 2020/2021 and REGIONE PUGLIA FSC 2014/2020 – Patto per la Puglia Investiamo nel vostro futuro.

Hailing from South Italy, Reality Grey stands tall in the Italian metal scene. Formed in 2004, Reality Grey began their quest to redefine melodic death metal. As a tight-knit 5 piece band, Reality Grey incorporates a modern hybrid of extreme music: melody, brutality; blending complex, yet catchy songwriting. Fearsome death growls & clean vocals give way to razor-sharp guitar riffs and fusion-oriented solos, Reality Grey set out to create something all their own.

With the release of the debut full-length album „Darkest Days Are Yet To Come” in 2006, in the heat of the melodic death metal revolution, Reality Grey managed to secure their first record deal with Razar Ice Records USA. Songs like „Reality Grey” and „Never again” racked up hundreds of thousands plays on the old MySpace allowing the band to tour, gaining popularity well beyond the Italian borders. Following up with EP „Day Zero”, Reality Grey began to push their own boundaries. Ferocious, yet melodic, with a no-holds-barred songwriting attitude. Songs like „Day Zero” and „Slavery” emerged the band’s experimental side, synths, melancholic pianos, and acoustic guitars; perfectly fused with intoxicating sonic aggression.

After years of non-stop touring alongside bands like Deicide, Unearth, Municipal Waste, Sadist, Malevolent Creation, and more, the critically acclaimed „Define Redemption” is released by Bakerteam/Scarlet Records; sending the band on their first headline tour in Japan. Reality Grey, now having been featured on worldwide publications Metal Injection, Metal Hammer UK, Metal Temple, and Metal.de, released 2018’s „The Void”. Reviewed as “a complete and total aural devastation…” that “will blow your speaker out” by Metal Injection.

Reality Grey has completed work on their upcoming full-length due out May 7th 2021 (Blood Blast Distribution powered by Nuclear Blast). Looking ahead with tours and festival appearances on their sights, Reality Grey will continue to push ambitiously, earning their place among the pantheon of heavy music.

Now, having inked a worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group (EMG), the band says „We’re thrilled to announce that we have started working with Extreme Management Group! Definitely the right place for us. Big news is coming very soon. Stay tuned!” EMG said, „We are excited to be working with Reality Grey. They have some really fantastic music. We expect big things to come from this partnership.”.

– 30 – 

„Melodic, aggressive and catchy, this track adds (Multidimensional Hollow) well placed synths and ambiance to an already well rounded sound, making it complex without being overcomplicated. The new album shows a marked evolution in the band’s sound, something that will intrigue current fans and entice new ones.” – Metal Injection

„Beneath this Crown, a creative step forward in their combination of NWOAHM from the early aughts, At the Gates-inspired metalcore and Scandinavian-flavoured melodic death metal.” – Decibel Magazine

„Reality Grey give off a viciousness and expertise hard to find in other bands. The instrumental expertise of each component is absolute, slighting touching tech-death side of acts like The Faceless but remaining ‘catchy’ in their complexity” – Metal Hammer

„It’s complete and total aural devastation with some seriously chunky moments, so it lives right up to what you’d expect a song called „The Void” to do.” – Metal Injection

„Reality Grey will serve the world of metal excellently both as an all round, no nonsense, metal act and as a brigde band for younger fans of heavy music” – Metalunderground.at  

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