Streaming Now! Devilz By Definition New EP "The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption"

Streaming Now! Devilz By Definition New EP “The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption”

Windsor’s Devilz by Definition is a band that has been recreated many times in the past decade, and the current iteration is gearing up to drop a new EP “The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption” on Tuesday, April 20th.

Before it’s officially released, the band has teamed up with TheCirclePit for the EP’s full stream premiere:

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The band adds: 

“This EP represents the world we live in and the changes that are tearing us apart as individuals and as a race. It is also about the unity that music brings into this darkness. The premise of the single is that the pieces of ourselves that sometimes get lost along the way and the effort of putting them back together Peace by Piece. In essence, life is a puzzle and we are all the pieces”

After honing their skills with a full length and two EPs, Devilz by Definition has come into their own, and “The Bitter Remains” is by far the most refined music they’ve ever created. Its insidious groove permeates the brain to get feet tapping and heads banging. Compared to previous efforts, this EP is heavier, groovier, and more technical, which will leave fans hungry for another.

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“The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption” delivers an unforgettable experience of headbanging, grooving thrash, and face-melting guitar solos. The lyrics are memorable and easily relatable, bringing forth a message or sense of morality in their music.

Recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Pantera, and Parkway Drive “The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption” will be available as of April 20th on the following digital platforms: Devilzbydefinition.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple MusicAmazon.

Track Listing:
1. Time Is Near (3:10)
2. Peace By Piece (4:37)
3. The Bitter Remains (5:03)
EP Length: 12:50

For more info: 

Initially formed in 2010, Windsor, Canada’s Devilz by Definition is a band reborn many times, in many ways, and has always come back stronger and heavier than the last time. No obstacle has stood in their path to date and none will, these are driven and hard-working musicians with a passion for the live show. Their energy both on and off the stage is unique and captivating.

The formation of the band happened completely by accident. Popz Munro was just learning how to play guitar and jamming with friend Timguy when they decided to add more friends to the gang. After a couple of months, they were offered a show and they fell in love with performing live music. Since then they have shared the stage with bands such as The Faceless, Revocation, Cryptopsy, and Beyond Creation and appeared at several regional festivals.

With a constant revolving door of members and instrumental position changes, the band has changed drastically over the last decade. From punk/thrash in the early years to more of a refined metalcore/groove sound in recent releases.

Since their inception, Devilz by Definition have released two EPs, “Blood Drawn” (2010), and “Rape of a Czar” (2014); a full length “The Devilution” (2016) and have another EP “The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption” expected in 2021.

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“the Groove Metal crowd will eat this up ” – Metal Temple“The self-described groove metal group deliver a brutally heavy but epic sound throuighout their latest release. ‘The Bitter Remains’ is a stirring tune and this energy steps up again in standout track ‘Peace by Piece’. Finishing with a grand climax is ‘Time Is Near’ which showcases a theatrical sound akin to past closing tracks from Lamb of God and Parway Drive. A short but sweet heavy metal booster!” 4/5″ – RAMzine

“‘The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption’ ” it’s worth to check out ‘The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption’. Groove meets riffs meets heaviness, that’s the world of Devilz By Definition. 8/10″ – Markus’ Heavy Music Blog

“This is the sound of a band on fire and in one hell of a groove. Rolling drums, energetic guitars and vocals delivered in a deep growl, is sometimes all you need. Especially when they are put together in such a fine package as this track is. A hard hitting track (Peace By Piece) both lyrically and musically.” – Backseat Mafia

“Devilz By Definition creates the kind of heavy powerhouse that fans of the style will love in a heartbeat. This is highly recommended metal – don’t miss it.” – Real Gone Rocks

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