PATHFINDERS Unleash New Video "Impostors", New Album "Ares Vallis" Out April 16th via Music-Records

Out Now! France’s PATHFINDERS’ Debut Album “Ares Vallis” (Music-Records) + Music Video “Impostors”

France’s Pathfinders debut full-length “Ares Vallis” is out now as of Friday, April 16th via label Music-Records.

Fans of bands such as Lamb of God, Periphery, Parkway Drive, and In Flames will be intrigued to enter the undiscovered metal terrain that Pathfinders are offering up. A blend of progressive groove, thrash, djent, and melodic tones, the twelve-track album is an introduction to their stellar adventure into their fascination for space exploration, specifically recent odysseys to Mars, thus the reason behind their band named after the NASA space probe “Mars Pathfinder” and album “Ares Vallis” named after an outflow channel on the red planet.

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The band was formed in 2018 and consist of the Gaucher brothers Jérémy (Bass) and Romain (Guitar) with Jérémy Barthélémy (Drums), Benjamin Daguet (Guitar), and Clément Levy (Vocals).

“Ares Vallis” is available via Music-Records on the following digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon) – 

CD order here.

Music Video – “Impostors”:

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Song Stream – “Damned Earth”

Track Listing:
1. Landing (1:20)
2. Impostors (4:59)
3. Damned Earth (4:03)
4. Evolution (3:32)
5. Precious Star (4:07)
6. Explode Inside (5:12)
7. Annihilate Them All (4:41)
8. The Light (4:14)
9. Pressure (4:334)
10. Ghosts of Mars (4:18)
11. Bad Guardians (4:56)
12. Peste Noire (8:14)
Album Length: 54:22
For more info:

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“A juggernaut of French metal as PATHFINDERS take us on an epic journey of space exploration. The band offer up a delicious mix of heavy groove, progressive metal and djent in a captivating listening experience.” – Gig Radar

“A brutal start of pounding drums and bass and the chugging of guitars. A quick change to the groove as the lyrics kick in and the track (Damned Earth) starts to merge into the progressive brilliance as it powers on through with a pleasing speed. The vocals swap between the slightly guttural attack on the verses to a cleaner yet still rough-sounding rock voice on the chorus. All together the track is an addictive introduction to the band’s new album.” – Backseat Mafia

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