AS WE SUFFER’s New Single „Concrete Fist” Is A Knuckle Fury of Hardcore Groove; New Album April 30th

Ottawa’s As We Suffer are releasing their debut album “The Fallen Pillars” on April 30th, 2021. So far, the band has shared with fans two singles, the full-length’s title track and “Invade The Host”.

Today, the band unveils their third single “Concrete Fist”, a rooted groove metal track inspired by the likes of DevilDriver and Lamb of God. This single charges on, bringing the listener into its world of violent reform, heavy from start to finish with a hardcore breakdown and killer solo. Lyrically, this song is about making a stand through violent uprising with the caveat that this kind of solution often comes at the sacrifice of a healthy mind.

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Check out the knuckle fury of “Concrete Fist”in the following lyric video:

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As We Suffer‘s debut full length is an amalgamation of several heavy subgenres rolled into one. Hovering between metal-infused punk, hardcore, groove metal, and even a little hard rock, listeners go on a journey through each track. The track listing for the album was picked with diversity in mind. Each song stands out in contrast to the last. 

The concept album’s theme revolves around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society/people, should not prop up as truths. It is a journey of unhealthy and damaging thoughts/emotions that explore existentialism, politics, religious fanaticism, and truth through different styles of heavy music.

Recommended for fans of Machine Head Propagandhi and Death by Stereo, As We Suffer‘s debut album “The Fallen Pillars” is due out April 30, 2021.

Album digital pre-save (Spotify, Apple Music) here

Bandcamp –

Track Listing:
1. Caustic Paradigm (2:58)
2. Malicious Compliance (3:24)
3. An Open Letter (to the Bleeding Hearts) (2:41)
4. Fucking Relentless (2:28)
5. Invade The Host (3:21)
6. The Great Leveler (3:51)
7. High Tide (3:32)
8. Scatter The Herd (2:25)
9. Shadows Caste In White (4:44)
10. Concrete Fist (2:59)
11. The Fallen Pillars (5:17)
Album Length: 37:46

More Info:

Ottawa, Canada’s As We Suffer started out as a cover band, but quickly delved into writing original material. In the early days they focused on a more metal-infused skate punk vibe with major influence stemming from Pennywise, Strung Out, and NOFX but it very quickly took on a more metal feel. Since 2020, the sound has further morphed into a more metalcore vibe along the lines of early Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine, while still maintaining a distinct hardcore style.

Four of the original band members have known each other for a long time, with two of the members, vocalist Matt Caldwell and bassist Ryan Caldwell being cousins; together with their long-time friends drummer Chris Nunn and Jason Yocom. The band officially established in 2018 picking a name that represents unity in the existential suffering we all experience. Eventually, they were joined by guitarist Derik Roblin.

The long time comradery between the members enables them to write music organically, trading off who is the primary songwriter for each track. All lyrics are written by M. Caldwell, who aims to tell a story and deliver a message without being too literal or specific, allowing the audience to interpret on their own. Themes are largely infused with existentialism, civil and political unrest.

This organic flow continues to benefit the band when they play, the passionate stage presence is heightened by M. Caldwell’s intensity, R. Caldwell’s slick bass licks, Roblin’s powerful energy, and Nunn’s technical prowess. They bring a unique back-to-basics flavor to each performance, especially through the dynamic nature of each of the band members.

As We Suffer released a demo in 2018 and will follow it up with “The Fallen Pillars” on April 30, 2021.

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Out Now! France’s PATHFINDERS’ Debut Album „Ares Vallis” (Music-Records) + Music Video „Impostors”

France’s Pathfinders debut full-length „Ares Vallis” is out now as of Friday, April 16th via label Music-Records.

Fans of bands such as Lamb of God, Periphery, Parkway Drive, and In Flames will be intrigued to enter the undiscovered metal terrain that Pathfinders are offering up. A blend of progressive groove, thrash, djent, and melodic tones, the twelve-track album is an introduction to their stellar adventure into their fascination for space exploration, specifically recent odysseys to Mars, thus the reason behind their band named after the NASA space probe „Mars Pathfinder” and album „Ares Vallis” named after an outflow channel on the red planet.

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The band was formed in 2018 and consist of the Gaucher brothers Jérémy (Bass) and Romain (Guitar) with Jérémy Barthélémy (Drums), Benjamin Daguet (Guitar), and Clément Levy (Vocals).

„Ares Vallis” is available via Music-Records on the following digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon) – 

CD order here.

Music Video – „Impostors”:

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Song Stream – „Damned Earth”

Track Listing:
1. Landing (1:20)
2. Impostors (4:59)
3. Damned Earth (4:03)
4. Evolution (3:32)
5. Precious Star (4:07)
6. Explode Inside (5:12)
7. Annihilate Them All (4:41)
8. The Light (4:14)
9. Pressure (4:334)
10. Ghosts of Mars (4:18)
11. Bad Guardians (4:56)
12. Peste Noire (8:14)
Album Length: 54:22
For more info:

– 30 – 
„A juggernaut of French metal as PATHFINDERS take us on an epic journey of space exploration. The band offer up a delicious mix of heavy groove, progressive metal and djent in a captivating listening experience.” – Gig Radar

„A brutal start of pounding drums and bass and the chugging of guitars. A quick change to the groove as the lyrics kick in and the track (Damned Earth) starts to merge into the progressive brilliance as it powers on through with a pleasing speed. The vocals swap between the slightly guttural attack on the verses to a cleaner yet still rough-sounding rock voice on the chorus. All together the track is an addictive introduction to the band’s new album.” – Backseat Mafia

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