SENNIGHT Shares Their „Golden Crown” Off Upcoming 2021 Album „New Takes The Old”

Atlanta’s Sennight drives forth with their heavy, melancholic brand of melodic metal that can quickly be felt by the listener who is washed over with pronounced energy. It commands attention and is not a sound that is easily forgotten. Compared to their earlier demos, which were more of an alternative metal sound, their music has gotten faster and more energetic since then.

Planning to release their first full-length “New Takes The Old”, which features guests Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable)Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse, Blackwater Drowning, Azymyth), and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual) later in 2021 to follow their 2019 debut EP „Fear of The Unseen”. The duo of Adam Mast (Bass, Vocals) and Trevor Norris (Guitar) are ready to introduce more of themselves to the world with the release of the third single from the upcoming 10 track album.

Entitled „Golden Crown”, the single is a heavy detuned track that features a brilliant solo from guest guitarist Ron Dalton Jr.

Vocalist/bassist Adam Mast explains „Golden Crown” in further detail:

„We used a rarer guitar tuning on Golden Crown – BADGBE (Standard tuning with bottom E down a 5th), which took us out of our comfort zone for riffs and chords, but we were really happy how the track finally came together. Somehow the song took on a heavier pocket/down tempo feeling while staying with that cold melodic vibe that we like to use. There’s also a fabulously ripped solo by Ron Dalton Jr., and it has to be one of the best on the album. The lyrics sort of play between nebulous themes of change, death, and leaving behind old states of being to embrace new ones.” 

„Golden Crown”, Sennight‘s third single can be heard via its premiere here.

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Spotify pre-save here.

Sennight‘s forthcoming album “New Takes The Old” will be comprised of ten songs with a variety of colors, sometimes energetic and penetrating, other times somber and plodding. The album was recorded over several sessions at Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC, and a few parts were done remotely at guitarist Trevor Norris’ home studio. Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable) and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual) also recorded their guest solos remotely. The lyrical content on the albumis largely inspired by various European mythologies and epic stories: people striving and persevering against terrible odds and having otherworldly experiences. 

Ever ambitious, Sennight has more plans for releases after this upcoming 2021 album drops.

Recommended for fans of Katatonia, Opeth, and Kamelot, Sennight‘s previous singles Arise” and Tearing Free, can also be heard on BandcampSpotifyApple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Perfect Symmetry
2. New Takes The Old – ft. guest solo Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable)
3. Tearing Free – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
4. When Daylight Dies
5. Golden Crown – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
6. Who Am I – ft. guest solo Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual)
7. Arise – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
8. I Am
9. Misbegotten
10. Go

Album Band Line Up:
Adam Mast – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Trevor Norris – Solo guitars
David Holquin – Drums

More info:


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Atlanta’s Sennight was founded in 2017 by bassist/vocalist/songwriter Adam Mast. After years of playing bass in the extreme metal scene, his musical tastes and direction changed and he began writing in a more melodic/heavy metal direction. Influenced by melodic metal bands such as Katatonia, Opeth, and Kamelot, he sought to craft a sound with heavy guitars and drums entwined with harmonic vocal melodies.

Sennight’s first EP “Fear of the Unseen” came out in May 2019, recorded at Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC with engineer Zac Thomas. Joining in on the studio tracks were a couple of ace North Carolina metal musicians: Drummer David Holquin (Violent Life Violent Death) and guitarist Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse).

Wasting no time, Sennight reentered the Jam Room Studio in late 2019, again with Thomas at the console, and began recording their first LP “New Takes The Old” with guitarist Trevor Norris officially joining the band in early 2020. Holquin and Dalton Jr. helped again with studio tracking and the sessions along with guest guitar solo appearances from mainstay southeastern metallers Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable) and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual).

Up to this point, the writing has been done by Mast who fully demos the songs on a DAW and sends them to the other studio players. The guitar solos are fully made by the individual players and the drums are creatively improved by the drummer. When it comes to their live shows, metal fans can anticipate a high energy set with a big guitar sound, in true classic rock band style with no backing tracks. Sennight’s debut album “New Takes the Old” can be expected in 2021.

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Progressive Metalcore Next Door To Heaven Launch Pre-Order For New EP „Inside” Out March 25th

Russian progressive metalcore band Next Door To Heaven has launched the digital pre-order for their new EP „Inside” due out on March 25th. The self-release EP is the follow up to the band’s 2020 single „Dance With Me” and the 2019 sophomore album „V Ways To Accept” released on Sliptrick Records.

Fans eager to reserve their sonic experience can pre-save the EP at the following links:
Apple Music – 
Amazon – 

Inside” features five djenty melodic prog tracks along with special guest vocals from Lord Nelson (ex-Stuck Mojo) on the record’s closing song „Flare Up”. The band’s discography has always been known for flirting with djent metalcore influences and this new release is no different, except this time guitarist Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov took the helm on the band’s sound with the use of a 9-string Ibanez along with bass, arrangement, and composition duties. Also joining as a guest for the recording is well-known Russian drummer Pavel Lokhnin (God Eat God, Dominia, Perimeter).

Vocalist and lyricist Daria Mazunova comments:

„We put our souls into the music we create, always. It’s not about making music for something in return, not about making it for fun. It’s about emotions transformed into music. I would say for ‘Inside’, we entered into more metalcore territory though it doesn’t mean there aren’t prog components or experimentation done. Conceptually, the general idea of the EP is a fight between a human and a machine and a master/obeying inside one person. If you look at the cover art you will see a heart combined with a car engine in the moment of ignition.” 
Next Door To Heaven has shared a teaser clip of the title track for fans, which can be heard on YouTube 

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Previous releases can be heard at the following links:
Music Video – Dance with Me (2020) –

Track Listing:
1. Dark Alley (3:47)
2. Calibrate (3:14)
3. Unleash The Beasts (6:01)
4. Inside (4:36)
5. Flare Up (feat. Lord Nelson, ex-Stuck Mojo) (3:44)
EP Length: 21:24

EP Recording Band Line Up:
Daria Mazunova – Vocals, Lyrics
Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov – Guitar, Bass, Arrangement, Composition
Pavel Lokhnin – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Daria Mazunova – Vocals
Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov – Guitar
Oleg Ermakov – Bass
Pavel Lokhnin – DrumsFor more info:

Next Door To Heaven was formed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2014. The band was founded by Gene Mazunov and Dasha Mazunova. Next Door To Heaven plays progressive/alternative metal/metalcore. The band’s debut album “Let’s Dream” was released in 2016. The album made the top-20 on Google Play. That same year, the band became one of the finalists in the Emergenza International festival. Their sophomore album “V Ways To Accept” was released in June 2019 via Sliptrick Records. The band has opened for bands such as RED and Tesseract and continues to support their material with tours across Europe.

Now in 2021, the band will independently release their new EP “Inside” on March 25th, which features guest vocals from Lord Nelson (ex-Stuck Mojo).

– 30 – 

“There is plenty of space for the music and the next does seem to bring in something a little more progressive, but they seem to flirt with it. The end result is really tight, so who cares what the tag is?” – “The Rocktologist”, 2019

“A new Next Door To Heaven’s album is a great fuel for all fans of solid progressive sound as impressive as Tesseract, After The Burial and Betraying The Martyrs have.” – “Bunker magazine”, 2019

“Die russischen Bandmitglieder von NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN nehmen ihre Hörer auf ihrem zweiten Album „V Ways To Accept“ auf eine emotionale Reise mit.” – “Stormbringer”, 2019

«”Depression II: Mistaking” und “Depression III: Illusion” – Zwei Meisterwerke. Auch diese Songs reissen einen mit unglaublicher Atmosphäre in ihren Bann.» – “Kobzr” , 2019

“Se vi ritenete cultori ed amanti dell’heavy metal come era una volta, prima che lo trasformassero in un teatro delle marionette, un ascolto è d’obbligo. Ma un ascolto attento.” – “”, 2019

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Jack-P a lansat piesa “Timpul” în colaborare cu Bianca

Jack-P a lansat piesa “Timpul” în colaborare cu Bianca, nu este prima dată când artistul vasluian colaborează cu aceasta, Bianca și-a făcut debutul muzical pe albumul “Karma” a lui Jack-P în piesa “Nu te da bătut” fiind urmată de piesa “Poate”. Melodia “Timpul” este una făcută în stilul clasic Jack-P, cu note melancolice și mesaj profund.

Piesa “Timpul” este menită să deschidă ochii oamenilor, fiind inspirată din realitate aceasta atinge puncte sensibile din viața unei persoane, artistul începe ambele strofe ale piesei cu “Timpul trece nu se mai întoarce niciodată” punând accent pe faptul că timpul este un element ireversibil, nimeni nu poate da timpul înapoi pentru a repara o greșeală sau a schimba ceva anume, ce face piesa și mai interesantă este bridge-ul acesteia unde artistul cântă :

“Dar timpul trece fără să îți dai seama

Succesul nu e departe așa că umple cana

Că sunt destuii anii în care ți-ai înecat amarul

Ai vrut să dai gol deși tu erai portarul”

Un adevărat joc de cuvinte se întâlnește aici, se întărește faptul că omul în general bea de tristețe dar totuși recurge la același obicei și când este fericit, “Succesul nu e departe așa că umple cana, Că sunt destuii anii în care ți-ai înecat amarul”, fiind urmat de “Ai vrut să dai gol deși tu erai portatul”, aici Jack-P se referă la momentele în care deseori se întâmplă ca cineva să vrea un anumit lucru și tot el să își pună bețe în roate fără să își dea seama, fie că este vorba de un loc de muncă, de o relație sau de o decizie în general.

Un proiect făcut pe bucăți, partea lui Jack-P a fost înregistrată la sfârșitul anului trecut iar refrenul undeva prin luna februarie a acestui an, cât despre versuri, ele au fost scrise de-a lungul a mai multor zile. Patru persoane se află în spatele proiectului, aceeași oameni care au lucrat și la piesa “Poate”, mai precis Hippy Jack la producție, Kat Napiorkowska la videoclip, Bianca pe voce iar Jack-P la compoziție, versuri, voce, videoclip și mix/master. Videoclipul vine mănușă cu piesa, inspiră acel sentiment captivant și profund al artistului, acesta spune “Timpul e cel mai de preț lucru, este imposibil să îl dai înapoi, câteodată ne plângem că timpul trece prea greu alteori că trece prea repede, noi alegem cum să îl folosim, dar trebuie să ne gândim că acest lucru care de multe ori devine nesimnificativ este că o clepsidră, la un moment dat se va opri…și noi odată cu ea”, Jack-P declară că timpul este relativ și fiecare dintre noi îl vede altfel, așa este și această piesă, fiecare o să o perceapă îl felul lui.

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