The Design Abstract Shares Quarantine Video „Annihilation”; New Sci-Fi Album „Technotheism” Out Now!

Logan Mayhem (guitar, songwriting, synth programming), and Voiicide (bass, vocals, scoring, additional sampling/programming)

Unleashing their melodic death sci-fi escapade „Technotheism” on Jan 29th, Ontario, Canada’s The Design Abstract are sharing with fans their latest video for the track „Annihilation” in support of the full-length. The video was filmed while the band, like many others, are observing Covid 19 quarantine lockdown. The band comments:

„While we’re in lockdown, we wanted to share Annihilation, which can be best summarized in one word… ‘Violent’… From the gut-wrenching opening bass line to the slap-in-the-face industrial transitions, this song is indisputably the angriest and most irreverent on the album. The ending buildup and breakdown push into deathcore territory while the orchestral parts soar higher than ever.”

Watch and listen to „Annihilation” on YouTube here.

The Design Abstract‘s new album “Technotheism” invokes the futuristic sounds of science fiction, as the band takes a step away from the traditional use of orchestral writing, by making it the soundtrack for anything space or cyberpunk related. 

Still, in the experimental age for the band, each song is written completely differently and by different members of the band. “Technotheism” is purely a science fiction story told as such in a monumental thirteen track work of symphonic melodic death metal. It tells a cyberpunk story of a group of rebels fighting to regain control of Earth. It ranges from technical guitar work to atmospheric electronic passages, and just about everything in between. The band explains the album:

“We incorporate a blend of metal, orchestra, and industrial music that hasn’t been done in this way. Nobody can top the orchestral metal masterpieces like Death Cult Armageddon by Dimmu Borgir or Codex Omega by Septicflesh, however, we push this genre into the distant future, with the sounds of a cyberpunk dystopia punctuating every release.

This album is the absolute pinnacle of what the band is currently capable of, which speaks volumes to the fact that most of it was written so long ago. Most metal bands who incorporate orchestral writing do so in a pointedly antiquated way: the goal is to sound a bit archaic. The sound of The Design Abstract is rooted in futuristic science fiction. It’s a classically scored orchestra, but it sounds anything but old fashioned.”

The dramatic, grandiose music is presented in an articulate, but extreme wall of sound suitable for fans of science fiction, and melodic death metal and bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Machina, and Dimmu Borgir.

“Technotheism” is available now via Abstrakted Records on the following digital platforms for stream and download.

Apple Music

Previous videos:
“The Apotheosis” – YouTube (Music Video)
“The Return” – YouTube (Lyric Video)

Track Listing:
1. Relentless (2:05)
2. Deus Est Machina (6:33)
3. The Apotheosis (1:54)
4. Among the Stars (1:36)
5. The Resistance (4:37)
6. Voidwalkers (3:46)
7. The Omnisphere (1:32)
8. Data Shield Attack (6:18)
9. The Return (3:41)
10. Elucidate (1:11)
11. Parallel Projection (3:46)
12. Annihilation (3:46)
13. A World of One (4:00)
Album Length: 44:50  

More info:


The Design Abstract is a two-piece sci-fi-themed symphonic melo-death band from Ontario, Canada consisting of Logan Mayhem (guitar, songwriting, synth programming), and Voiicide (bass, vocals, scoring, additional sampling/programming). The band formed with a single goal: to create a blend of industrial-influenced symphonic metal that had never been done before. Since the debut album Emanate in 2017, The Design Abstract has sought to shed the antiquated tendencies of orchestral metal bands, instead pushing far into the future conceptually and lyrically. With each subsequent release (Corrupt in 2019 and Esoteric in 2020), the band pushed further into “melodic death metal” territory, brandishing more comprehensive riffs, technical drum writing, and more guttural vocals, but never lost the industrial-electronic edge or the massive and dramatic orchestral passages. The cumulation of this sound is their latest album Technotheism due out Jan 29, 2021.

A grandiose display of musicality, technicality, and narrative, the sophomore full length is a monumental 13-track work of symphonic melodic death metal that tells a cyberpunk story of a group of rebels fighting to regain control of Earth. It ranges from technical guitar work to atmospheric electronic passages, and just about everything in between. One thing you’ll notice about Technotheism is how it’s structured and how it all flows together. The pattern of the types of tracks, the order, and their function was very carefully planned out in a way that few albums are.  

– 30 – 

„A symphonic technical death metal masterpiece with an amazing concept to keep you engaged from start to finish \m/” – Heavy New York 

„Now for some nerd shit. Technotheism is a concept record about the future that at it’s core is a melodic death metal record, but the band dabbles with electronic elements, technicality, and grand orchestrations throughout. Fans of Last Chance To Reason and really any band Mike Semesky (Ordinance, Raunchy, etc) has been a part of will probably dig this.” – Metal Injection

„The Canadian The Design Abstract continues exactly where the appetizer “Esoteric”, published last year, caused unimagined enthusiasm. As a result, the duo from Ontario cuts even more clearly into the notch of futuristic sci-fi melodic death metal, which lives largely from orchestral and symphonic density, but which also steers very sophisticated and elegant in the right direction… Rarely do you hear such an exciting album that continues to rotate a unique spindle of ideas between melodic and progressive elements. Death metal meets industrial, songs that are staged in a great symphonic and epic breadth. 9.5/10″ ” – Zephyrs Odem

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