Manuel Barbará Conjures Weird And Wonderful w/ “The Nightmare Weaver” Off Upcoming Album “Moonrise”

Heavy, ambient, classically inspired progressive metal is the name of the game for New Jersey’s Manuel Barbará. Looking to create something short, but still substantial for his debut release, he has come up with the seven-track instrumental album “Moonrise”

Much of Barbará’s writing aims to create worlds made of sound that the listener can live in as they experience the piece. A lot of the music grows out of a single idea that he can coalesce and build the world around. The second single from the album is “The Nightmare Weaver”, which he says is the most ambitious composition on the record. He explains in further detail:

“It features ambiguous and constantly shifting tonal centers and epic clean guitars juxtaposed with enormous 8-string riffs. It ends with a weird and ambiguous chord progression reminiscent of the one at the end of “Children of Prometheus”.”

As far as more music goes, Barbará says there is another track in production and an abundance of ideas for new tunes. This album is his first foray into the music world, in which he is currently planning to attend graduate school for composition with the long-term goal of becoming a professor. 

This album will resonate with all fans of this style of music, especially fans of Keith Merrow, Periphery, and Tesseract.

The single “The Nightmare Weaver” can be heard via its guitar playthrough premiere here:

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The full album is out on March 19, 2021.
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Title Track “Moonrise” – Guitar / Bass Playthrough –

Track Listing1. Moonrise (5:08)2. The God Complex (6:08)3. Children of Prometheus (4:54)4. Mirrors I – Image (5:10)5. Mirrors II – Silver (3:48)6. Mirrors III – Reflection (4:20)7. The Nightmare Weaver (6:15)Album Length: 35:45

More Info:


MBP, cvartetul modern prog metal din Bucuresti, a lansat oficial un live de studio, prin intermediul canalului de YouTube al Pertum TV, acesta fiiind inregistrarea primului live-streaming show din cariera trupei, ce s-a desfasurat la mijlocul lunii decembrie 2020, in studioul Pertum din Bucuresti, fiind transmis in direct pe Facebook si YouTube.

Inregistrarea contine noua piese, fiind interpretate toate cele trei piese ale Epului auto-intitulat lansat in 2020, doua piese de pe albumul de debut ‚A Lifetime Consequence’ lansat in 2019, respectiv patru piese noi, dintre care una in prima auditie.

MBP inseamna Mihai Barbu (voce / chitara), Livia Diana Iancu (chitara), Adrian Cosma (bass / backing vocals) si Tudor Alexandru (tobe)


Playlist live-streaming Pertum TV:

Alpha (NOU)

Divide (NOU)

Need (EP 2020)

Timeless Time (NOU)

Mindless Flowing (NOU – premiera)

All nights ascend (EP 2020)

To save me (A Lifetime Consequence 2019)

Silence (EP 2020)

Reflection (A Lifetime Consequence 2019)​ (@official.mbp)

Canada’s As We Suffer Fight Against Tyranny w/ Single „Invade The Host” Off Upcoming Debut Album

Ryan Caldwell (Bass), Jason Yocom (Guitar), Matt Caldwell (Vocals), Derik Roblin (Guitar), Chris Nunn (Drums)

Ottawa’s As We Suffer are releasing their debut album “The Fallen Pillars” in April of 2021. So far, the band has shared with fans the first single and title track just this past January. Today they present their next single „Invade The Host” via its premiere here!

The band comments: 

„This track feels like Propagandhi gone metal. It’s a heavy and briskly paced track with a melodic chorus. It also features one of the best breakdowns on the album that hits right in the feels. Lyrically, it’s about the tendency for societies to take over others through tyranny, then the uprising of the disenfranchised takes over and they themselves become tyrannical. All the while, God is pulling the strings.”

As We Suffer‘s forthcoming album „The Fallen Pillars” is an amalgamation of several heavy subgenres rolled into one. Hovering between metal-infused punk, hardcore, groove metal, and even a little hard rock, listeners go on a journey through each track. The track listing for the album was picked with diversity in mind. Each song stands out in contrast to the last. 

Carti care te ajuta

The concept album’s theme revolves around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society/people, should not prop up as truths. It is a journey of unhealthy and damaging thoughts/emotions that explore existentialism, politics, religious fanaticism, and truth through different styles of heavy music.

Recommended for fans of Machine Head Propagandhi and Death by Stereo, As We Suffer‘s debut album „The Fallen Pillars” is due out April 30, 2021.

Album digital, CD, Vinyl pre-save here

Track Listing:
1. Caustic Paradigm (2:58)
2. Malicious Compliance (3:24)
3. An Open Letter (to the Bleeding Hearts) (2:41)
4. Fucking Relentless (2:28)
5. Invade The Host (3:21)
6. The Great Leveler (3:51)
7. High Tide (3:32)
8. Scatter The Herd (2:25)
9. Shadows Caste In White (4:44)
10. Concrete Fist (2:59)
11. The Fallen Pillars (5:17)
Album Length: 37:46

More Info:

Ottawa, Canada’s As We Suffer started out as a cover band, but quickly delved into writing original material. In the early days they focused on a more metal-infused skate punk vibe with major influence stemming from Pennywise, Strung Out, and NOFX but it very quickly took on a more metal feel. Since 2020, the sound has further morphed into a more metalcore vibe along the lines of early Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine, while still maintaining a distinct hardcore style.

Four of the original band members have known each other for a long time, with two of the members, vocalist Matt Caldwell and bassist Ryan Caldwell being cousins; together with their long-time friends drummer Chris Nunn and Jason Yocom. The band officially established in 2018 picking a name that represents unity in the existential suffering we all experience. Eventually, they were joined by guitarist Derik Roblin.

The long time comradery between the members enables them to write music organically, trading off who is the primary songwriter for each track. All lyrics are written by M. Caldwell, who aims to tell a story and deliver a message without being too literal or specific, allowing the audience to interpret on their own. Themes are largely infused with existentialism, civil and political unrest.

This organic flow continues to benefit the band when they play, the passionate stage presence is heightened by M. Caldwell’s intensity, R. Caldwell’s slick bass licks, Roblin’s powerful energy, and Nunn’s technical prowess. They bring a unique back-to-basics flavor to each performance, especially through the dynamic nature of each of the band members.

As We Suffer released a demo in 2018 and will follow it up with “The Fallen Pillars” on April 30, 2021.

Canada’s Maitreya Delves Into An AI World With Single “Departed” Off Upcoming “Hyper Reels”

Hailing from Oshawa, Canada, Maitreya is excited to announce their upcoming album “Hyper Reels” slated for a June 2021 release. They have just released the second single “Departed”, which is being premiered here:

This new album boasts a higher degree of musical complexity, filthy breakdowns and a wider range on the vocals ebbing from melodic cleans into sustained growls set to a whirlwind of complicated riffs. Maitreya comments on the single:

“Departed is the most complex and exploratory song on the record. It showcases an evolving and progressive song structure illustrating our signature bag of tricks; frenetic riffs, operatic layered vocals, crushing breakdowns, and dense textures. Lyrically the song borrows concepts from AI fiction (Westworld, The Matrix and Blade Runner) that explore the nature of consciousness, intelligence, and reincarnation.”

Big Sale

Not for the faint of heart, Maitreya’s music is a heavily layered listening experience, a cacophony of styles, merging together to create an intense wall of sound that forces you to pay attention to all the subliminal notes and tempo changes. 

The album as a whole was put under a microscope during its creation, forcing Maitreya to refine every element and mature past their previous releases. It shows vastly improved musicianship that will only continue to grow as the band forges onward in their career.

A barrage of complexity intertwined with melody awaits fans, especially those who have an interest in The Contortionist, Between the Buried and Me, and Protest the Hero.

The full album “Hyper Reels” is out on June 25, 2021.
Album pre-save –

“Departed” single pre-save – 

Previous Music Video “Catalyst”

Track Listing:
1. Catalyst (7:23)
2. Departed (6:04)
3. Radical (5:31)
4. Summit (4:31)
5. Invaders (6:18)
6. Bloom (4:26)
7. Pilgrim (4:44)
8. Flesh Engine (4:31)
9. Hyper Reels (0:57)
10. Iswara (4:27)
Album Length: 48:56

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Matt McCabe – Guitar
Steve McMillan – Drums
Matt Cutrara – Vocals
Lyam Morrison – Bass
Mark Wylie – Guitar

For more info:

– 30 – 

„We’re always on the hunt for interesting new metal bands, and Canada’s Maitreya certainly qualifies. The band’s newest single, “Catalyst”, treads familiar progressive metal territory – think vocals similar to Leprous and instrumentation akin to older BTBAM – but rest assured it sounds fresh.” – New Fury Media
“Their musical abilities were astounding, and I believe they could have been each individually the most technically capable with their instruments of those performing that night.” – Metal Master Kingdom
„Lead-heavy, yet at the same time musically complex, Maitreya’s music is sonic baptism, taking the listener from the fire pits to the icy peaks. The band’s self-titled album weaves an intricate melodic narrative, where both headbanging metal-heavy riffs and reflective vocal lines co-exist in the vortex of sonic alchemy, presented to the listener in its raw, unfiltered elemental form.” – Dentata Music 

There’s Nothing Fake About Juliet Ruin’s New Single „Fake Stigmata”

Cody Reid (Bass and Backing Vocals), Kent Geislinger (Guitar, Vocals), Jess Ruin (Lead Vocals), Wesley Rands (Guitar), Jesse Bauman (Drums)

Leading up to the release of their new EP „Dark Water” on March 26th, 2021, Edmonton, Canada’s metalcore squadron Juliet Ruin is sharing their new lyric video for the third single „Fake Stigmata” via its premiere:

Featuring infectious soft-spoken melodic vocals with whiplashing djent riffs, „Fake Stigmata” entices fans to sit back and brace themselves for an anthemic experience that the band is offering up on their forthcoming four-track EP to follow their highly praised 2019 album „Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos”.

The band comments:

„Fake Stigmata is our third and heaviest track from our Dark Water EP, it explores darker lyrical themes and grittier vocals and instrumentals.”

Juliet Ruin‘s new EP „Dark Water” represents a step into a heavier domain for the band as they continue on with low-tuned guitars. The vocals on this record will certainly shock old fans and draw in new fans as frontwoman Jess’s work in the scream vocal area is apparent throughout as she raised the bar on the clean vocals as well with many pop diva-esque techniques.

„The listening experience we are going for is a hard-edged, but catchy experience with lyrics you can shout in anger, but also it leans positive on message.” says the band.

The conception of the new recording was born out of the desire among the members to create a sound with what they consider the true lineup after having a current member miss out on the OSLAC album. Planning originally to just record one single for 2021 became a four-song EP as the ideas were just unceasing to them. This is the freshest possible material from the mind of Juliet Ruin with all songs written within a year. Fans familiar with the band’s sound on previous releases will notice the evolution in a heavier direction.

Juliet Ruin is recommended for anyone who enjoys heavy and melodic metal with powerful vocals, especially those who already have The Agonist, Jinjer, and Killswitch Engage in rotation.

„Dark Water” will be available on March 26, 2021.

EP Pre-Save – 
CD order – (available as of March 26th)

Previous Singles:
“Dark Water” – YouTube (Lyric Video) – ft. guest guitar solo Diego Fernandez (Eye of Horus).
“Cosmic Vertigo” – YouTube (Lyric Video)
Spotify playlist add here.

Track Listing:
1. Dark Water (4:47)
2. Cosmic Vertigo (4:08)
3. Fake Stigmata (4:54)
4. Might (4:16)
EP Length: 18:06For more info:

– 30 – 

“Every band needs to find that element which connects them with a fanbase, and Juliet Ruin has done that early on in their career.” – V13

“Pre-album single “Spite” that features a Sprite logo is also reminiscent of “Cloud Factory” era Jinjer with an excellent vocal range on show. Blending riffs seamlessly with gravity defying leaps between sub-genres from classic Metal to Hard Rock to Metalcore, it’s a nice twist on the conventional approach.” – Metal Noise

“If you are into Halestorm, Jinjer, Killswitch Engage you are gonna fall in love with this group not just a bit. But madly and deeply! Grab a hold of this gem of a release on the 6th of September you aint gonna regret it , cos Juliet Ruin aint gonna “Ruin” ya day they are gonna make it !! ” – The Metal Gods Meltdown

“From hardrock, to metalcore and everythign in between, Juliet Ruin delivers a fun and interesting record with many sounds, attitudes and emotions.” – Heavy New York

“Juliet Ruin’s sound is comparable to a muddier version of Alexisonfire, with Ruin guiding the songs with her powerful voice while being backed up by Geislinger’s harsh screams and growls…. Juliet Ruin has been gaining more recognition after every concert with its single “Rogue Down” receiving a nomination at the Edmonton Music Awards.” – Vue Weekly (2017)

Video: White Walls – Death Follows Me Live From An Evening With White Walls

Trupa constanțenă White Walls a uploadat pe canalul lor de youtube clipul live pentru piesa Death Follows Me interpretată live in cadrul streamingului From An Evening With White Walls. Băieții au share-uit și pe rețelele de socializare videoclipul însoțit de următorul mesaj:

If you miss gigs as much as we do, check out this version of „Death Follows Me” which we played at our special event „An Evening With White Walls” back in December:


Ravi revine pe scena muzicala cu piesa „Departe de tine”

Bucuresti, 25 februarie 2021. La 14 ani a inceput sa scrie poezii, la 16, in timpul unei calatorii la munte, a descoperit folkul si pasiunea lui pentru arta si creatie a inceput sa capete forme si mai clare. De aici si pana la a imprumuta o chitara, a se inchide in casa 2 saptamani si a invata sa cante prima melodie a fost doar un pas. In 1997 Adrian Paunescu il aude pe strada cantand melodia “Doua Fantani”, ramane impresionat de vocea lui puternica si aparte si il invita la cenacul “Totusi Iubirea” ca debutant. Urmeaza doua albume, lansarea trupei Hazard si un succes binemeritat, curmat din pacate de cateva problemele medicale care il forteaza sa renunte la cariera in muzica.

Chiar daca timpul a trecut, Ravi a ramas acelasi tanar pasionat de muzica folk, ea fiind cea care il readuce acum in vizorul publicului, cu forte noi si hotarat sa isi continue cariera muzicala.

Departe de tine” devine prima piesa de pe albumul “In strain” la care lucreaza inca de anul trecut si care va fi finalizat in toamna acestui an. Piesa romantica isi propune sa transpuna ascultatorii intr-o lume visatoare, diferita si care sa starneasca curiozitatea, dorinta acestora de a asculta intregul album. Cu puternice influente folk, „Departe de tine” este insa o piesa ancorata in anul 2021, cu tonuri actuale si pasaje compozitionale care vor surprinde.

titlu promotie

„Mi-am dorit sa revin pe scena muzicala care imi este foarte draga si de care cu greu am stat departe atata timp cu un proiect special, diferit de ceea ce se asteapta un ascultator si un fan al muzicii folk clasice. Sper sa reusesc sa surprind placut si sa va pot introduce pe toti incetul cu incetul in noul meu univers muzical. Am ales genul folk in tinerete si i-am ramas fidel de-a lungul timpului, dandu-i noi valente prin compozitiile mele,” a declarat Ravi.

Producatorul piesei este nimeni altul decat Florin Barbu, cunoscut publicului rock pentru colaborarile sale cu formatii precum Cargo, Implant pentru Refuz, Weinberger, Timpuri Noi, Proconsul, Partizan, etc., piesa fiind inregistrata in studioul sau din Sibiu. Art work-ul este conceput si realizat de celebrul artist timisorean Ovidiu Hrin.

La inregistrarile piesei „Departe de tine” au colaborat: upright bass, clape, acordeon – Florin Barbu; tobe, percutie, clape – Marcel Moldovan; chitara – Cristian Lupascu; guitar Angus James Fraser; backing vocals – Cristina Igrisan. Compozie: Ravi si Aurel Lungu. Aranjamente si mixat – Florin Barbu. Masterizare – Streaky.

Piesa este disponibila pe canalul oficial de YouTube, intr-un video realizat de Theo Ghenea, si in curand distribuita pe toate retelele de online streaming. Pentru cei care vor sa afle mai multe informatii despre artist si ce urmeaza in cariera sa, Ravi poate fi gasit pe paginile sale oficiale de Facebook si Instagram.

Clipul Cannibal Corpse pentru piesa „Inhumane Harvest” este un adevărat Gore Fest

Pe 16 aprilie Cannibal Corpse va lansa Violence Unimagined, al 15-lea album dintr-un incredibil catalog death metal fără compromisuri. Primul single „Inhumane Harvest” a fost lansat la începutul acestui an iar trupa s-a întors acum cu un nou clip gore pentru această piesă ,care nu este chiar pentru cei slabi de îngeri.

„Inhumane Harvest” este despre traficanții de organe dar construită cu versurile specifice Cannibal Corpse iar clipul este absolut terifiant.

Inhumane Harvest” te aruncă în una dintre cele mai sinistre activități din crima organizată: traficul de organe. Cumpărătorii disperați vor plăti orice preț pentru un transplant de organe, pentru a se savla pe ei ori o persoana dragă lor, ceea ce face a fi o afacere foarte profitabilă pentru crima organizată.” declară chitarstul Rob Barrett.

Albumul „Violence Unimagined” va fi lansat pe data de 16 aprilie prin Metal Blade Records.

The Offspring a lansat primul single de pe viitorul album „Let the Bad Times Roll”

De mulți ani trupa The Offspring ne-a tot promis că vor lansa un nou album, iar acum au anunțat și data când acesta va vedea lumina zilei, 16 aprilie. Materialul se va numi Let the Bad Times Roll și îl va urma pe „Days Go By” din 2012. Băieții au lansat și primul single ce poartă și numele albumului.

Albumul a fost produs de legendarul Bob Rock (Motley Crue, Metallica) care a participat și la ultimele doua albume The Offspring, Days Go By and Rise and Fall și Rage and Grace. În același timp acesta este primul album lansat împreuna cu basistul Greg Kriesel (Greg K.) care acum ceva timp, i-a dat în judecată pe vocalistul/chitaristul Dexter Holland și pe chitaristul Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman pentru încalcarea unor drepturi de autor.

Todd Morse care a fost anterior chitarist adițional din 2009, l-a înlocuit pe Kriesel la bas în toată această perioadă plină de neîntelegeri.

The Offspring, Let the Bad Times Track List poate fi vazute mai jos!

  1. „This Is Not Utopia” (2:38)
  2. „Let The Bad Times Roll” (3:18)
  3. „Behind Your Walls” (3:21)
  4. „Army Of One” (3:11)
  5. „Breaking These Bones” (2:46)
  6. „Coming For You” (3:48 )
  7. „We Never Have Sex Anymore” (3:30)
  8. „In The Hall Of The Mountain King” (1:00)
  9. „The Opioid Diaries” (3:01)
  10. „Hassan Chop” (2:20)
  11. „Gone Away” (3:16)
  12. „Lullaby” (1:12)

Duo-ul timişorean de muzică electronică We Are Creepz lansează remixul “In Brightness”, după piesa omonimă a trupei Thy Veils, sub label-ul Psihodrom Records

Duo-ul timişorean de muzică electronică We Are Creepz lansează remixul “In Brightness”, după piesa omonimă a trupei Thy Veils, sub label-ul Psihodrom Records.

Format din Tiberiu Vasilescu şi Mihai Grădină, proiectul este activ pe scena românească de muzică electronică, We Are Creepz lansând până acum un album de studio intitulat “Floating Teens”, sub label-ul Amdiscs ȋn 2016 şi alte 3 EP-uri. Experienţa lor ȋn compunerea de coloane sonore pentru filme şi colaborările acestora cu casele de discuri Oxytech, Progressive Dreamers, Masonia şi Moskalus nuanţează mai viu proiectul We Are Creepz și indică deschiderea către colaborări a celor doi muzicieni.

Abordarea versatilă a genurilor muzicale reprezintă, pentru We Are Creepz, unul dintre factorii decisivi ȋn ceea ce priveşte construirea unui sound propriu. Din acest motiv, aceştia ȋşi propun constant să traducă, atât ȋn set-uri, cât şi ȋn live performances, atracţia către eclectism printr-o sonoritate techno, deep house, breaks, future garage, lo-fi, ambient şi idm.

Remixul lansat de We Are Creepz arată implicarea lor activă ȋn susţinerea şi promovarea scenei locale. Inspiraţi de universul Thy Veils, aceștia interpretează prin propria lor amprentă sonoră piesa “In Brightness” de pe albumul Neoradiant lansat ȋn 2019.

Thy Veils este o călătorie în pas cu timpurile și uneori, înaintea lor. De peste 20 de ani descoperă, explorează și cartografiază sonor și vizual un întreg univers, experiența umană înțeleasă prin artă. Pionier al muzicii ambientale, Daniel Dorobanțu fondează Thy Veils ca proiect de studio în 1995. Opt albume de studio și patru albume live mai târziu, consacră prezența românească pe cele mai importante scene artistice internaționale, de la New York la Tbilisi, via Viena și Berlin. Nume rezonant pentru stilurile electronic, ambient, neoclasic şi world-fusion, Thy Veils anticipează noile orizonturi ale tehnologiei audio-vizuale și ale gândirii despre evoluția societății.

We Are Creepz:

Thy Veils:

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