Bloody News Online Fest – Spring Madness – 26 Martie

Hello fellow Metalheads! Team Bloody News / GlobMetal Promotions in collaboration with Patriot Label, Atrius Concert Agency, Varg Media Group and Cultartes invites you to be part of Bloody News Online Fest!

After the success of the first edition (August 2020) we are now more than happy to announce Spring Madness, the second edition!Bands from various countries will storm our virtual stage, so come and join this entchanting journey!

The crazy event will take place at the end of March 2021 on Bloody News’ website (

More info will be available soon!

Canada’s As We Suffer Challenge Truths With Invocative Title Track From Upcoming “The Fallen Pillars

Ottawa’s As We Suffer are releasing their debut album “The Fallen Pillars” in April of 2021. The preview track for this upcoming release is the title track, which is the most melodic song on the album, but doesn’t sacrifice heavy as it includes a djent vibe, along with aggressive riffs. As We Suffer play with pure passion, which echoes out clearly through their music.

“We cap the record off with our first single and title track. We end the album with this track to symbolize the end of an era of As We Suffer and the advancement into new territory. The Fallen Pillars takes the listener on a journey of the observer, witnessing the chaos all around them, and instead of joining, they decide to venture on a quest of inner truth, even as death brings its pestilence and war. A song of death and destruction but also of growth and rebirth.”

The album is an amalgamation of several heavy subgenres rolled into one. Hovering between metal-infused punk, hardcore, groove metal, and even a little hard rock, listeners go on a journey through each track. The track listing for the album was picked with diversity in mind. Each song stands out in contrast to the last. 

The concept album’s theme revolves around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society/people, should not prop up as truths. It is a journey of unhealthy and damaging thoughts/emotions that explore existentialism, politics, religious fanaticism, and truth through different styles of heavy music.

Recommended for fans of Machine Head Propagandhi and Death by Stereo, can be heard via its premiere on NewFuryMedia. Watch bellow:

Spotify pre-save here

The complete album will be available in April 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Caustic Paradigm (2:58)
2. Malicious Compliance (3:24)
3. An Open Letter (to the Bleeding Hearts) (2:41)
4. Fucking Relentless (2:28)
5. Invade The Host (3:21)
6. The Great Leveler (3:51)
7. High Tide (3:32)
8. Scatter The Herd (2:25)
9. Shadows Caste In White (4:44)
10. Concrete Fist (2:59)
11. The Fallen Pillars (5:17)
Album Length: 37:46

More Info:

Ottawa, Canada’s As We Suffer started out as a cover band, but quickly delved into writing original material. In the early days they focused on a more metal-infused skate punk vibe with major influence stemming from Pennywise, Strung Out, and NOFX but it very quickly took on a more metal feel. Since 2020, the sound has further morphed into a more metalcore vibe along the lines of early Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine, while still maintaining a distinct hardcore style.

Four of the original band members have known each other for a long time, with two of the members, vocalist Matt Caldwell and bassist Ryan Caldwell being cousins; together with their long-time friends drummer Chris Nunn and Jason Yocom. The band officially established in 2018 picking a name that represents unity in the existential suffering we all experience. Eventually, they were joined by guitarist Derik Roblin.

The long time comradery between the members enables them to write music organically, trading off who is the primary songwriter for each track. All lyrics are written by M. Caldwell, who aims to tell a story and deliver a message without being too literal or specific, allowing the audience to interpret on their own. Themes are largely infused with existentialism, civil and political unrest.

This organic flow continues to benefit the band when they play, the passionate stage presence is heightened by M. Caldwell’s intensity, R. Caldwell’s slick bass licks, Roblin’s powerful energy, and Nunn’s technical prowess. They bring a unique back-to-basics flavor to each performance, especially through the dynamic nature of each of the band members.

As We Suffer released a demo in 2018 and will follow it up with “The Fallen Pillars” in April 2021.

Canada’s The Design Abstract Flirts With The Future With New Album “Technotheism” Out Jan 29th

Out on January 29, 2021, “Technotheism” is the second full-length album from the band who also have two EPs in their catalogue. For those already familiar with their music, the creative blend of industrial and orchestra continue in “Technotheism”, albeit being even more technical and expansive than the previous releases. The band maintains that this will be the flagship album for them.

The two singles from the album “The Apotheosis” and “The Return” have already been released and are now streaming.

“The Apotheosis” – YouTube (Music Video), Spotify

“The Return” – YouTube (Lyric Video), Spotify

The singles are respectively the second oldest and second newest tracks on the album, and the bulk of the album lands somewhere in the middle in terms of writing and sound. “The Apotheosis” is two minutes packed full of everything The Design Abstract is capable of, and “The Return” is a more open and whimsical track revisiting some of the elements that made the earlier releases work. The band remarks on the singles:

“They were carefully chosen to show the scope of the album at large. “The Apotheosis” was written with the explicit purpose of showing off everything the band could do in one two minute whirlwind. The synth in this track is something very unique and indicative of the character of the band, and the structure is a fresh take on the genre. “The Return” is a triumphant song, littered with innovative, instrument layering and crunchy synth sounds. We really wanted to turn the contrast up so to speak: the guitar work is noticeably more death metal, but the vocals and orchestral passages are more soaring than ever. The outro features a notably unique synth solo, followed by the anthemic chorus.”

The Design Abstract crosses all the lines of the musical spectrum, darting from harsh industrial, soaring orchestral, melodic death complete with guttural screams contrasted with crystal clean singing finished off with a generous serving of synth. Each element is worked into the songs in a unique and comprehensive way. 

Recommended for fans of Septicflesh, Scar Symmetry, and Dimmu Borgir, “Technotheism” is suitable for a variety of music fans.

“Technotheism” is out on January 29, 2021. Album pre-order – 

More info:


The Design Abstract is a two-piece sci-fi-themed symphonic melo-death band from Ontario, Canada consisting of Logan Mayhem (guitar, songwriting, synth programming), and Voiicide (bass, vocals, scoring, additional sampling/programming). The band formed with a single goal: to create a blend of industrial-influenced symphonic metal that had never been done before. Since the debut album Emanate in 2017, The Design Abstract has sought to shed the antiquated tendencies of orchestral metal bands, instead pushing far into the future conceptually and lyrically. With each subsequent release (Corrupt in 2019 and Esoteric in 2020), the band pushed further into “melodic death metal” territory, brandishing more comprehensive riffs, technical drum writing, and more guttural vocals, but never lost the industrial-electronic edge or the massive and dramatic orchestral passages. The cumulation of this sound is their latest album Technotheism due out Jan 29, 2021.

A grandiose display of musicality, technicality, and narrative, the sophomore full length is a monumental 13-track work of symphonic melodic death metal that tells a cyberpunk story of a group of rebels fighting to regain control of Earth. It ranges from technical guitar work to atmospheric electronic passages, and just about everything in between. One thing you’ll notice about Technotheism is how it’s structured and how it all flows together. The pattern of the types of tracks, the order, and their function was very carefully planned out in a way that few albums are.  

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