Urmăreşte-l pe Trent Reznor interpretând Fashion and Fantastic Voyage de la Devid Bowie

În weekend mai mulţi artişti din lumea rockului s-au reunit pentru a aduce un omagiu îndrăgitului David Bowie. Trent Reznor de la Nine Inch Nails a făcut două coveruri excelente.

Trent s-a alăturat colegului de trupa Atticus Ross, soţiei sale Mariqueen Maandig Reznor şi pianistului lui Bowie, Mike Garson pentru a interpreta piesele Fantastic Voyage si Fashion.

Atunci cânt l-a prezentat pe Trent, Mike a spus: „La Începutul anilor ’90, David mi-a spus – Fii cu ochii pe acest vocalist. Este de de luat în seamă. Asta a făcut ca acest domn, să îmi devină un prieten apropiat şi un artist pe care îl admir enorm.”

Trupa FIRMA a lansat single-ul „Lumea Mea”

Trupa FIRMA a lansat sing;e-ul „Lumea Mea”. Băieţii au postat clipul pe reţelele de socializare însoţit de următorul mesaj:

🥁 Just released ‘Lumea Mea’, our latest single from the upcoming album, ‘Deșteptarea Primăverii’ (Spring Awakening)Available on all platforms…👆Join us till Spring awakens 🖤#trupaFiRMA#NewSingle#desteptareaprimaverii#lumeamea

FiRMA interpretând „Lumea Mea”

Muzică & Versuri: Daniel ‘Rocca’ Stoicea

Extras de pe albumul inclus în spectacolul „Deșteptarea Primăverii” în regia lui Vlad Cristache, pus în scenă la Teatrul Mic.

Vis Mystica Shares Next Star Wars Inspired Single “Whispering Winds of Fate”, New Album “Celestial W

L-R – Devin Dewyer (Vocals), Connor McCray (Guitar, Bass, Orchestration)

Offering escapism from everyday life, Vis Mystica transports listeners into a fantastical world of magical powers and epic stories with their Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic inspired power metal. Along with taking great influence from other bands, they possess a style that is unique and holds its own in the power metal landscape. Their 2021 album “Celestial Wisdom” is a fantastical journey into a world full of mystic powers and sprawling landscapes, with a classic ‘Good vs. Evil’ battle and many memorable locations and detailed stories.

Today, the band shares their third single “Whispering Winds of Fate” off the forthcoming record. The track is a guide for listeners to the main world Tython where the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic story takes place. Tython is a terrestrial planet located in the galaxy’s Deep Core region that is shrouded in myth. The Martyrium of Frozen Tears built by Jedi there and some Jedi scholars made the case that Tython was the site of the Jedi Order’s first temple. During the Galactic Civil War, DoctorChelli Lona Aphra led Darth Vader to Tython’s Meridional Ice Cap to mislead him as to the location of the Rebel Alliance’s main base, which was actually on the Outer Rim planet Hoth.

“Whispering Winds of Fate” is an audio storytelling to describe the sentient world calling out telepathically to beings spread throughout the galaxy to board nine ships and come bask in the planet’s knowledge and secrets. The track also features guest vocals from Dragonland’s Jonas Heidgert.

Vis Mytica‘s Connor McCray (Guitar, Bass, Orchestration) comments:

„The final song written for the album and in our opinion possibly the best. All parties came together to combine catchy melodies with great vocal lines and a powerhouse effort from Jonas Heidgert.”

“Whispering Winds of Fate” can be heard at the following links:

Vis Mystica was initially formed by Connor McCray, in late 2015 as a creative outlet to pursue his passion for Symphonic Power Metal while he was still a member of a blackened death metal band at the time. 

Highly suggested for fans of Blind Guardian, Symphony X and Wintersun, the album “Celestial Wisdom” will be released in early 2021.

Previously released singles:
“Lux Et Veritas” ft. David Michael Moote (Operus) – YouTube,
“The Plains of Silence” – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Whispering Winds of Fate (feat. Jonas Heidgert)
2. Legacy of the Builders (feat. David Michael Moote)
3. The Plains of Silence 
4. Lux Et Veritas (feat. David Michael Moote)
5. Beyond the Gates of Fury
6. On The Loose (Saga Cover) – (CD Bonus Track)

Album Band Line Up:
Connor McCray – Guitar, Bass, Orchestration
Devin Dewyer – Vocals
Dillon Trollope – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Connor McCray – Guitar
Devin Dewyer – Vocals
Jon Juchniewicz – Drums
Ben Juchniewicz – Bass
For more info:

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