Brazil’s RAGE IN MY EYES Reimagine Heavy Metal With Video “Winter Dream”

Rage In My Eyes is a technically sound heavy metal act hailing from Porto Alegre, Brazil who have a new video out for the track “Winter Dream” off the 2019 album “Ice Cell”. The video was part of the band’s participation in the Roadie Crew Online Festival – 9º Edição

“Ice Cell” is the first album by the band under their current name; the group also released three albums under Scelerata. They originally formed in 2002 and with the recent name change has altered their sound to incorporate traditional music from South America with prog and heavy metal. Along with the cultural infusion, Rage In My Eyes brings in accordion for a truly one of a kind listening experience. Vocalist Jonathas Pozo explains the conception of “Winter Dream”:

“We had already chosen Winter Dream as the opening track, which led us to address the lyric theme in order to present a little of the icy scenery of Ice Cell, imagining the aspect of our biological and chemical origin under the influence of the morphic field theory of Rupert Sheldrake, that is, considering the presence of the past as an important constituent of our subsequent choices, as humanity. At the same time bringing in this scenario landscapes that are common in southern Brazil, such as fog, frost, and sometimes even snow. It was also chosen because it is a more cadenced and heavy song (although also extremely technical and quite proggy), thus contrasting with the usual melodic and fast opening tracks in power metal albums, representing more accurately the “musical humor” of the band.”

Overall, the album can be summed up as ‘tight’. It has great guitar riffs, fast drum parts, intricate instrumental parts, and powerful yet melodic vocals. Sometimes it leans towards prog metal, sometimes to power metal, sometimes to folk metal, sometimes to traditional metal, sometimes to thrash metal. And it still sounds like a cohesive whole, due to how well blended it all is.

Recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Helloween, and Symphony X, Rage In My Eyes brings an icy new edge to traditional power metal. 

The video for “Winter Dream” can be watched on YouTube:

With something for everyone, “Ice Cell” was released on August 14, 2019 and available on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon.

Music Videos:
Hole In The Shell – YouTube (Live Video Opening for Iron Maiden – Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Death Sleepers – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Winter Dream (4:46)
2. Surrounded By Black Mirrors (4:16)
3. Dive Deep (4:14)
4. Hole in the Shell (4:35)
5. Death Sleepers (5:02)
6. Inner Fate (3:45)
7. Blank (5:23)
8. The Core (3:39)
9. Soul Gatherer (4:19)
10. Burn The Throne! (4:43)
11. Draft of Illusions (5:03)
Album Length: 49:50

Album Band Line Up:
Jonathas Pozo – Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitar
Leo Nunes – Guitar
Pedro Fauth – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums
Special Guest on tracks 1, 4 & 5:
Matheus Kleber – Accordion
Special Guest on track 11: Vinícius Möller

For more info:

RAGE IN MY EYES introduces to the world a unique kind of music. Being from southern Brazil, the band shows a side of the country most people don’t know about. Blending heavy/prog metal with elements of milonga – which is a music genre from southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina – the band presents a never-heard metal before.

The band’s first album was recorded in 2017 and 2018, partially in Los Angeles and partially in their native Porto Alegre, Brazil. For 16 years the band went under the name Scelerata, which had a huge history in the Brazilian heavy metal scene. The band had three albums released worldwide, including the internationally acclaimed The Sniper – partially recorded in Germany, at the Blind Guardian studio – featuring guest appearances from Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden) and Andi Deris (Helloween). Scelerata was also Paul DiAnno’s official Brazilian backing band from 2009 to 2014, playing 50+ shows with this heavy metal icon. With this huge background, the musicians are now aiming for the future.

RAGE IN MY EYES teamed up with some of the best professionals in the heavy metal business and delivered the head-turning debut album “Ice Cell” released in 2019.

Vezi videoclipul pentru versiunea piesei ‘Watching The Wheels’ lui JOHN LENNON intepretată de CHRIS CORNELL

La începutul acestei luni Vicky Cornell împreună cu The Chris Cornell Estate şi UMe au lansat „No One Sings Like You Anymore”, un album format dintr-o colecţie de 10 piese cover alese de iubitul Chris Cornell pentru a sărbători artişti şi melodii ce l-au inspirat.

Înregistrat de Chris in 2016, albumul care este ultimul material de studio, prezintă interpretările sale, a unor piese precum „Watching The Wheels” a lui John Lennon, „Sad Sad City” din GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY, „Jump Into the Fire” a lui Harry Nilsson, „Carl In” Nu știi nimic despre dragoste ”,„ Showdown ”ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA,„ To Be Treated Rite ”de Terry Reid,„ Stay With Me Baby ”(lansat inițial pentru emisiunea HBO„ Vinyl ”) a lui Lorraine Ellison,„ Get It While You Can ” – Janis Joplin.

Lyric video-ul pentru piesa „Watching The Wheels” poate fi văzut mai jos.

Toate instrumentele de pe „No One Sings Like You Anymore” au fost înregistrate chiar de Chris Cornell împreună cu Brendan O’Brien, care de asemenea a produs şi mixat albumul.

Trupa Barter a lansat Acustic 20

Trupa Barter a lansat Acustic 20 prin bandcamp. Lansarea conţine două piese acustice noi, intitulate „Gol” şi „Piesa 9”. Băieţii au postat pe reţelele de socializare urmatorul mesaj:

Primiți cu Acustic 20? Două piese noi în varianta lor crudă, un fel de colinde pentru anul ăsta ciudat.În 2021 le lansăm și în forma lor finală, însă până atunci aveți grijă de voi și hai să le facem auzite.

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