Dave Grohl intepretează Little Drummer Boy alături de The Bird And The Bee

Pe lângă lansarea a opt coveruri alături de mai mulţi artişti evrei pentru proiectul The Hanukkah Sessions! cu Greg Kurstin luna aceasta, Dave Grohl s-a mai alăturat o dată producatorului, pentru interpretarea piesei Little Drummer Boy.

Frontman-ul Foo Fighters s-a alăturat lui Greg şi Inara George – care formează duetul pop The Bird And The Bee la emisiunea Jimmy Kimmel Live! pentru a aborda clasica piesa. Acesta fost desigur în spatele tobelor.

Vezi mai jos piesa Little Drummer Boy intepretată de Dave şi The Bird And The Bee:

Iggy Pop a lansat o piesă intitulată ‘Dirty Little Virus’ inspirată de COVID-19

Iggy Pop a lansat o piesă inspirată de COVID-19 intitulată „Dirty Little Virus„. Vocea a fost înregistrată la Safe And Sound Mobile Studio în Miami de Luis Gomez, în timp ce Chris Berry (tobe) și Ari Teitel (chitară și bas) şi-au înregistrat instrumentele acasă.

„Am fost impulsionat să scriu o piesă cu versuri directe, nu ceva emoţional sau profund – chiar jurnalistic aş putea spune.” a explicat Iggy într-un clip. „Cine, ce, când, unde. Am lasat deoparte – de ce – pentru că devine prea complex, dar am spus ceea ce simt despre asta”

SCEPTER OF ELIGOS Unleashes Cryptic, Occult Single “Reabsorbed” Off Upcoming 2021 Album

Slated for release in 2021, “Inverted Illusions” is the first full-length album from Colorado natives Scepter of Eligos. The first single “Reabsorbed” is a fresh look at the band who were more sludgy in the early days, and gradually have become more psychedelic, aggressive, and dark.

What awaits with “Reabsorbed” is a chunky battering of grimey sludge twisted together with death metal vocals, churning guitar work, and endless echoes of pulverizing bass tones that ripple through your ears like the tentacles of an angry old god that seeks its revenge through the means of festering doom. The band explains the single in their own words: 

“Reabsorbed is a descent into a dark crypt which is reflected lyrically as death being a passage to oneness with the earth and soil.”

Taking inspiration from an assortment of heavy acts, ranging from death metal, doom metal, and heavy rock, they write lyrics that come from vocalist Andrew’s occult practice and readings

Formed in 2012, they are no strangers to playing in bands, the vast amount of experience they have is proven with their musicianship and cohesiveness that is evident in the music. 

Listeners who are looking for metal that blurs genre lines will enjoy Scepter of Eligos especially those who like Incantation, Weedeater, and Disfear.

“Reabsorbed” can be heard via its exclusive stream premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE
“Inverted Illusions” comes out on January 29, 2021 and available for pre-order on Scepterofeligos.bandcamp.com

Track Listing
1. Reabsorbed (5:46)
2. Biological Possession (5:53)
3. Starless Chasms (4:46)
4. Inverted Illusion (3:24)
5. Procession of Spectres (10:20)
Album Length: 30:10

Album Credits:
All songs written and performed by Scepter of Eligos
Tracks 1-4 Mixed and Mastered by:
Jamie Hillyer at Module Overload Studio
Track 5 Mixed and Mastered by: Felipe Patino at Green Door Recordings
Cover art by: Christina Hunt of Heavy Metal Talisman
Layout by:S.Wyatt Houseman of Hidden Hand Extreme Music Marketing
Logo by: Dennis Lee Hughs of Cythraul Art

For more info:


Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Scepter of Eligos crashes into listeners in a wave of death, doom, and psychedelic sludge. An amalgamation of heavy styles with an unique spin, Chris Candelario (bass), Frank Candelario (drums), and Andrew Sares (vocals/guitars) work collaboratively to flesh out what they describe as “Psychedelic metal of death”. To accompany their punishing music they craft lyrics based on Sares’ occult practices and readings. They take their name from Aleister Crowley’s description of Eligos; a Goetic demon that is said to appear on a winged horse holding a scepter and a serpent.

Since their conception in 2012, the musical careers of the power trio have been a whirlwind of gigs both on the local and national levels playing with bands such as The Chasm, Manilla Road, Lycus, and Bongripper garnering attention from a variety of metalheads. Thus far they have 3 releases to their name; a demo from 2013, the 2017 single “RIP Martin Eric Ain” and the 2018 EP “MMXVIII”. Pushing onward with grit and determination they will be releasing the full-length “Inverted Illusions” in 2021.

Boasting live performances that are as varied and intriguing as their music, one can expect to be overtaken by the energy and succumb to the gritty, cryptic psychedelic doom Scepter of Eligos channels from the stage.

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