Expirat Bucureşti

Expirat exists in the Romanian urban landscape since 2002.

Functioning as a bar, club, indoor concerts and events venue and terrace, Expirat is the place that keeps you connected to the underground culture. Through the live acts and DJ sets it promotes, through its design, its crowds and its attitude.Expirat delivers alternative culture bundled with a positive vibe. The recipe: music, atmosphere, people.

Expirat reserves the right to refuse entrance and service to anyone. A casual / smart casual / street dresscode is recommended. Expirat applies an 18+ policy at the entrance. Smoking is not allowed indoor, in Sala Compresoarelor. Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas. Expirat applies a zero tolerance policy towards drug consumption. Expirat does not take responsibility for any lost or forgotten objects or goods. Please do not leave your personal effects unattended in the club or on the terrace.

Adresa: Expirat, Strada Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, București 040542

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