Trupa ANGER DOSE a lansat clipul pentru piesa "Death by Carbon"

Trupa ANGER DOSE a lansat clipul pentru piesa „Death by Carbon”

Bucureştenii de la trupa ANGER DOSE au lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul „Death by Carbon„. Băieţii au postat clipul pe reţelele de socializare împreună cu urmatorul mesaj:

We present to you our second single from ‘Anger Generation’, the first ‘real’ video, for the song ‘Death by Carbon’.This was done 100% by us, 100% DIY, in the span of around 2 months. We drove around to find good locations, learned how to manage piloting a drone, wore a hoodie and a jacket when it was too warm or went into the sea when it was too cold, just to have everything we wanted.The song speaks for itself ( although you can check the lyrics in the description ) but know that it’s about our destruction of the environment and our choices as a species that will bring extreme climate change in the years to come. Hope you guys enjoy it and share it around!Viez/ ANGER DOSE

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